The Hit Faith-Based Film “War Room” Is So Inspirational Moviegoers Start Singing Christian Songs Outside The Theater

Here’s something you won’t see every day

A group of Christian leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina, were so inspired by the release of  ”War Room,”a new faith-based film that rocked the box office this past weekend, that they decided to show up and perform some Christian music inside of the atrium of a local mall.

That performance was then moved into the lobby of the AMC Concord Mills movie theater, as others joined them in belting out worship tunes. The spectacle inspired onlookers who said that they had “never seen anything like” it before inside of the theater.

“I was in the lobby when the singing started. It originally started with the group out in the atrium of Concord Mills Mall,” Quick told TheBlaze of the performance. “There was a small group that started singing and then others joined in. They then moved into the lobby of the movie theater to sing their second song.”

Quick said that the group was comprised of worship leaders who had purchased tickets through Cooperative Christian Ministries, an organization that helps the homeless in the community; they decided to sing in an effort to help draw attention to “War Room.”

“They wanted to encourage those attending ‘War Room’ and perhaps encourage others to buy a ticket,” he explained.

While the core group consisted of diverse ministry leaders from churches in Charlotte — individuals from non-denominational, pentecostal and Baptist backgrounds — at least 30 additional individuals joined in on the performance, too, leaving many inspired as they sang, “How Great Is Our God,” a popular Christian tune.

Quick told TheBlaze that the AMC theater manager said that she had “never seen anything like that in the lobby of the theater.” Others, too, were impacted by the gesture.

“Strangers were coming up to the group and saying ‘thank you,’” Quick said. “I heard a woman say ‘That was so inspiring, I felt the power of the holy spirit in the theater.’”

He continued, “So often in today’s culture we feel we need to hide our faith but tonight the group sang boldly and everyone was blessed.”

Try not to be shocked, but at War Room is rated a low 33 percent by movie critics…and 91 percent by actual viewers.

Here’s a trailer for the movie…

(Incidentally, if you follow the YouTube link to the page for the trailer and read the comments, you’ll see a profound difference between Christians who seem to universally love the film and non-Christians whose reactions to the trailer are mind-blowingly vituperative).

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