The Million Muslim Mistake On 9/11

If Islam is such a peace-loving religion, where are the Muslims in this country who stand up and loudly denounce the psychopaths murdering people in the name of Islam?

september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-second-airplane-wtc_39997_600x450Well, lo and behold, it appears I might have the opportunity for a partial answer in a few shorts weeks because looky what it says in the paper here, ma:

“Group Planning Million Muslim March on D.C. Sept. 11th”


That’s right, some bunch calling themselves the American Muslim Political Action Committee, or AMPAC for short, is organizing a million Muslims here in America to march on Washington because… wait for it: “Muslims nationwide have been the victims of anti-Islamic bigotry in the years following Sept. 11, 2001.”

You done? Okay. It would be easy to just roll your eyes and say this is proof of what a freedom-loving country we have when people here can organize a public protest in the face of their fellow Muslims roundly hating and trying to kill us. That would be easy, but let’s say for a minute that there are Muslims that have been discriminated against in post-9/11 America.

Well duh? You don’t get that? Maybe if some of you would get on television and denounce a few of your crazy-ass brothas constantly blowing up people, burning churches, and throwing acid in Christian girl’s faces, you’d get a little respect. Perhaps your little million-maniac march should have as it’s destination Tehran or even Dearborn, Michigan and you could decry Sharia Law as the oppressive, violent, anti-woman, hate-filled doctrine that it is.

ADDITION-LIBYA-US-UNRESTWe have cable, you know. We see the regions of the world that are clearly and unapologetically anti-American. The people in large groups who want to slaughter us and our children are Muslim. The folks celebrating whenever an American is dragged through the streets and beheaded by Al Qaeda followers are Muslim. They’re not Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Catholic or Jehovah’s Witness’ — they’re Muslims. And if you’ve come here to America looking for a better life, get with the frickin’ program and help us root out the bad people causing the long lines at the airport.

But no… instead, you’re marching on Washington because a few Americans have taken exception to what happened on 9/11 and hurt your feelings? If it was up to a whole lot of your countrymen there would be no Washington to march on there Hadji. Let me guess, I’m overreacting and displaying the very type of bigotry your little Muslim group is organizing about in the first place? Okay, fine. But how about you explain the following, then organize a million of your faithful to condemn it:

Joe’s Million Muslim March Handy Scoreboard:

— People killed by radical Muslims on 9/11: : : 2,996

— Muslim-Americans killed “in revenge”: : : : : : : : 1

(by the way, a jury sentenced Mark Stroman, the lone Muslim revenge killer in reaction to 9/11 — to the death penalty. Compare that to the hero status Muslim terrorists receive in Muslim countries?)

And since the World Trade Centers were bombed there have been over 60 Americans killed by Muslims in over 30 terrorist attacks. And how about the dozens of terror plots stopped by the FBI and other American law enforcement?

Hey AMPAC, did you have your 52″ plasmas on a couple months back when two Muslims bombed innocent people at the Boston Marathon? Did you see the little boy they murdered? Was that little kid and all the others who lost their limbs discriminating against you or were they just enjoying the same American freedoms that you enjoy in between your jihad and organizing your lame, ill-timed and repugnant protest? Any chance you realize you’re making those who hate you, hate you more?

the-devil-on-history-the-bible-barack-obama-ftrThere’s a better idea that will go a long way to helping your cause: organize a march against worldwide Islamo-Nazi terrorism and you’ll have tens of millions, including me, behind you. It’s going to take a while, but if you start here — Americans can be incredibly forgiving. I can see it now: A Ten Million American March Against Maniacs”…

But now that I think of it, President “I will stand with the Muslims” Obama would probably deny us a permit. Oh well, no wonder you feel so ballsy.

This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.

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