The Superhuman Density Of The Liberal Mind When It Sees Something It Doesn’t Want To See — Like Radical Islam.

The Superhuman Density Of The Liberal Mind When It Sees Something It Doesn’t Want To See — Like Radical Islam.

There’s a famous Time cover from 1992 that hammers home the almost superhuman density of liberal minds when there’s incredibly obvious information present that runs counter to what they want to hear.

Most people figured out that men and women were born different at about 4 years old. For the liberals at Time, however, this was such a stunning revelation that they put it on the cover on their magazine.

So, which liberal magazine is going to figure out that radical Islamists want to kill us because they’re radical Islamists? The early money shouldn’t be on anything affiliated with the Washington Post as you’re about to see from an article called, Motive of shooter who targeted military sites is unclear.

Yonathan Melaku was sneaking through Fort Myer and Arlington National Cemetery, his backpack filled with plastic bags of ammonium nitrate, a notebook containing jihadist messages, and a can of black spray paint. The 23-year-old former Marine was heading to the graves of the nation’s most recent heroes, aiming to desecrate the stones with Arabic statements and leave handfuls of explosive material nearby as a message.

Before police foiled the plan in June, the vandalism was to be Melaku’s sixth attack, months after he went on a mysterious shooting spree that targeted the Pentagon, the National Museum of the Marine Corps and two other military buildings in Northern Virginia. A video found after Melaku’s arrest showed him wearing a black mask and shooting a 9mm handgun out of his Acura’s passenger window as he drove along Interstate 95, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

…Although Melaku acknowledged shooting at the buildings – attacks that did not injure anyone but caused an estimated $111,000 in damage – it still remains unclear why he did it. In a video entered into evidence and released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, Melaku says that he was targeting the museum as a military building, to “turn it off permanently.”

FBI officials and prosecutors said Melaku was on a personal terror mission. They said he researched Jihadism on the Internet and had references to terrorism in a notebook and on his computer. It also seemed like he was gathering materials to make an improvised explosive device, though there was no indication how he would have used it.

Wow, if only he had given us some sort of hint as to what inspired him. Did he lose a job recently? Could have been driven around the bend by racism? Ah, ah….maybe it’s postpartum depression…oh wait, that won’t work.

Well, I guess to liberals, this will just have to be another one of those great mysteries like what happened to the Mary Celeste and who built Stonehenge.

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