Touching moment coffee shop drive-thru workers prayed with emotional widow whose husband had just died

He was only 37, and he had passed away a mere hours before this happened. An awful moment made just a little less awful thanks to some good folks.

This is the touching moment three staff members at Dutch Bros Coffee prayed with a young wife after discovering her husband had died the previous day.

Barbara Danner, from Vancouver, said she was waiting in her car at a branch of the coffee chain when she noticed three workers leaning out of the service window.

Danner took a picture as the staff joined hands with the woman in front and prayed with her after noticing she was upset and learning that her husband had died.

Posting the incredible images on Facebook, Danner wrote: ‘Turns out the young lady in line ahead of us lost her 37-year-old husband last night.

‘When the DB guys & gals noticed she was falling apart, they stopped everything and prayed with her for several minutes, invited her to come back for prayer and support, as well as anything else that she might need.

‘Prayers for the young family, and you know where to stop for coffee!’

The image has since gone viral with more than 173,000 people posting reaction to the picture, while another 50,000 people shared it and more than 5,000 viewers added their comments.

Turns out the workers at that coffee shop aren’t even religious. They just saw a woman in emotional distress who needed to reach out to God for strength, and they were happy to help a friend and neighbor in need.

More, please. Much more.

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