What SCOTUS Homosexual Marriage Decree Means for Christians in the Armed Forces

Moonbat Grinch Mikey Weinstein, who has been directly assisting Obama in the task of purging Christianity from the US military, gloatingly weighs in on the Supreme Court’s obscene decree imposing the desecration of marriage on the states:

Oh, but the ruling doesn’t simply apply to civilians alone – the Supreme Court decision will permit same-sex marriage not only in all 50 states in the union, but on ALL United States Military bases as well. … Expect to hear wedding bells ring joyously across chapels as same-sex couples are joined in matrimony at military installations across the globe! …

Imagine the grinding teeth and anguished moans emanating from the benighted quarters of Christian fundamentalism within the U.S. military! … These pernicious bigots must stop trying to claim “Christian Victimization” when, in point of fact, what they are seeing is “Christian Equalization”.

What truly troubles these cretinous sentinels of vile prejudice and hate-mongering bigotry is the fact that this ruling will go down historically as the watershed moment which may indeed shatter the spine of the Religious Right in the U.S. military…

You don’t even have to believe in the Bible to qualify as a member of the Religious Right. You just have to show respect for it.

Nobody is arguing that these losers don’t have a right to their religious beliefs… However, as long as these faux “victimized” chaplains insist on accepting a government paycheck from us, the American taxpayers, while nurturing and maintaining the state of antagonism between their religion and the sexual/gender identities of servicemembers, then they don’t belong in the military. At this stage, the only honorable thing that these losers can do is to fold up their uniforms, turn in their papers, and get the hell out of the American military chaplaincy. If they are unwilling or too cowardly to do so, then the Department of Defense must expeditiously cleanse itself of the intolerant filth that insists on lingering in the ranks of our armed forces.

“Intolerant filth” is the open-minded and inclusive term folks like Mikey Weinstein use refer to Bible-believing Christians. The POTUS and SCOTUS are aggressively on their side.

Mikey has the whip hand for now.

On a tip from seaoh. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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