2012ings: Thune Out, New Poll Has Trump Even with Obama

Senator John Thune isn’t going to run for president. Good decision, good riddance, and thanks for not wasting any of our precious time, cyberspace or money. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s potential is now officially revving engines.

Thune can tell his hometown South Dakota folks he “just wants to be” a senator, but the fact is, the porkbarrel darling project of the Midwest where Thune is from, ethanol, is what killed his campaign and he knows it. Even Al Gore, for heavens’ sakes, has abandoned ethanol.

Anyone, ESPECIALLY one from a “red” state, who still drinks the Ethanol Koolaid, should not even THINK about running for President. If you don’t have the fortitude to say no to this world-starving, energy-wasting,“green” boondoggle, you will never have what it takes to stand up to Democrats.

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Are you listening, Professor Cornpone, aka Newt Gingrich? Newt has other, career-killing, big, Bill Clintonesque image problems besides ethanol, BTW.

Let’s pull these perennial GOP “weeds” as fast as possible. Do not waste energy on Newt, Huck, Romney, Daniels, Pawlenty, or Guiliani. They have no name, no money, no balls,:  and do have baggage. ( see my links below for the reasons why. ):  Shame on Ann Coulter for the Chris Christie huckstering.:  He is great with his union problem, but SO WRONG : as to be freaky on the Ground Zero mosque, cap and trade, immigation and radical Islam.


It has to be Trump. And it’s happening NOW. A new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll has Trump within 3 points of Obama, within the margin of error, IF he runs on the GOP ticket. He CANNOT run in a third party. The same poll shows Sarah Palin losing by 11 points to the WON. Trump was nowhere in the polls in January.

A caller: Tuesday : to Rush Limbaugh was doing the typical red-herring, hand-wringing about Trump: “He has given money to Rahm Emanuel!” “He has given money to…..gasp…..other Democrats, too!” “We don’t know what he stands for!”

I direct Rush, and whomever else to my VERY DETAILED post on January 30th in which I requested Mr. Trump come to CPAC as a “surprise guest,” and made a very logical, compelling case for his presidency.

What a pleasant surprise that Trump DID show up as a surprise on the first day of the conference! He gave the best speech of the entire event, save for Lt. Col. Allen West, the key note speaker.

Read my post, in which I link Trump’s most recent positions on the issues and address all the usual whiny reasons people give for why he shouldn’t run.

The “big” one, in some people’s minds, is his political donating to Democrats and Republicans. I was married many years to a rock-ribbed Republican investment banker: who had: business in many states. Giving to both sides of a race in a locality where you do or intend to make investment, is de rigeur. This is simply NOT an issue. Trump’s been bankrupt before. Big deal. He has lived his life, risked and lost, and risked and won. He hasn’t been hunkered in “safe” political patronage positions.:  That’s a GOOD thing.

Trump West for 2012. Do you want to WIN 2012?

Do you want to WIN or just feel good about somebody who is hopeless? Do you want a wimpy compromise candidate who will be crushed by the Democratic juggernaut to come, or do you want someone who has: bearing and grace under pressure, not to mention someone who states he is pro-life, pro-gun and wants to repeal Obamacare and make America proud again?

You should know by now, losing 2012 is not an option. Our free republic will not survive a second term of Obama. We must choose who can win and Trump is that man.

It can only be Trump. Figure out the financial paperwork, DT. Just do it. The rest of you, get on board once he announces. We need to stop wasting breath on these LOSER candidates.

Click here to watch Trump’s and West’s CPAC speeches.

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