A Fitting Tribute To Olympia Snowe

As many of you may have heard, left-of-center moderate Olympia Snowe has finally decided to retire after spending hundreds 33 long years in Congress. Because Snowe is retiring, her seat has gone from being a likely Republican hold in 2012, to a likely Democratic pick-up — although that certainly could change in a hurry depending on the quality of the candidates that are recruited on both sides to run for the seat.

But this post isn’t about the 2012 election so much as it’s about Olympia Snowe herself.

Her father immigrated to the United States from Sparta (!!!) and Snowe overcame a series of unfortunate events to get to where she was in life. Her father and mother both died before she was 11 and her husband died in an automobile accident less than five years after they were married.

Facing all those tragedies in her life and then getting elected to her husband’s seat in the State House at 26, and later getting elected to Congress was an amazing feat. If you were writing a modern day fairy tale, that would be a worthy start to it.

However, that’s where the fairy tale ends.

Despite being eternally lauded by the mainstream media as one of the “reasonable Republicans” and constantly flattered, courted, and catered to by both Republicans and Democrats, Olympia Snowe spent a career as a mediocrity. She showed no courage, no leadership, and the closest thing to an “achievement” she had, being part of the “Gang of 14,” helped Democrats more than Republicans and hurt good and deserving conservative judges.

Despite the fact that her ancestors came from Sparta, Snowe turned out to be a political coward. She spent her entire career looking out for #1 at the expense of her state and her country. Although Snowe will inevitably be flattered incessantly by her friends and the liberals in the mainstream media, who have always viewed her as a useful idiot who’s willing to betray her own party, people won’t care that she’s gone. She’ll be missed by few, quickly forgotten by most, and those that do remember her will be more likely to spit at the mention of her name than to wish she was still in Congress.

Go-along-to-get-along mediocrities like Olympia Snowe have done incalculable damage to this country by looking out for themselves instead of the nation and when the history books are written, no one will even bother to record the fact that they were given great power, which they squandered, instead of looking out for their fellow citizens.

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