Adios! Radical Leftists are Dragged Out of a Trump Rally by Their Shirts [Video]

Adios! Radical Leftists are Dragged Out of a Trump Rally by Their Shirts [Video]

Donald Trump spoke at the Trump Doral Miami resort Friday night. It was a great rally. Except for the radical leftist protesters who kept interrupting. At first, Trump said let them speak it’s a free country… but they just wouldn’t stop. He finally told them to get the hell out and attendees obliged Trump by dragging their sorry butts out of the meeting by their shirts. It’s about damn time. These people deserve to be treated like that. Now, they say the supporters kicked and stomped them, but I didn’t see anything like that. What I did see was something I have never seen before in politics and I enjoyed watching it – leftists forcefully kicked out for causing trouble. It’s a beautiful thing.

Donald Trump

From Gateway Pundit:

Businessman Donald Trump held a rally Friday night at the Miami at the Trump National Doral Miami resort.

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Several leftist agitators made their way into the Trump rally on their feet.

They left the room on their backs.

Hasta la Vista, baby!

Donald Trump Rally

Here’s one bully’s quick exit–


The radical leftists reportedly interrupted Trump’s speech at least four times.

IJ Review reported:

After the first interruption, he was mildly amused, as his supporters chanted “USA! USA! USA!”:

“Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them. You can get them out, but don’t hurt them. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. That’s what freedom of speech – it’s all freedom of speech.”

But after the third interruption Trump said this:

“The third group, I’ll be a little more violent. And the fourth group, I’ll say, ‘Get the hell out of here!’”

And then the leftist agitators were quickly removed.

…By their shirts.

You are never bored at a Donald Trump rally… ever. Such a deal he had for those guys. The crowd was chanting ‘USA, USA, USA!’ This is a man who can lead. People will follow him. That can be used for good or bad, but this looks very good to me. Sometimes, like Trump said, you have to throw people out. Good for him. If this is indicative of a Trump presidency, the leftists should be very, very afraid. I believe he’ll clean house and kick a whole bunch of them out. Good times. Trump handled the disruption as only Trump can. Just fantastic. Someone finally with the stones to drag these people out the way they should be.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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