Alabama Polls: Judge Roy Moore Retains Lead Over Dem Doug Jones Despite WaPo Smears

Alabama Polls: Judge Roy Moore Retains Lead Over Dem Doug Jones Despite WaPo Smears

Despite claims that Judge Roy Moore sexually assaulted a 14 year-old girl in the 70s, he still maintains the lead over his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, in the Alabama U.S. Senate Seat.

Two new polls show that Moore isn’t quite taking the beating that a lot of liberals think he should be, with most people seeing these accusations as suspiciously timed and impossible to be proven. Their support hasn’t wavered and it appears that some people may actually vote for Moore to spite the mainstream media’s attempts to smear the Judge.

The first poll was conducted before noon on Thursday and showed Moore ahead of his opponent in a 50% to 39.2% margin with 10.8% of voters undecided, and a margin of error if about 3.5%. 1,354 people considered “likely voters” were polled for this.

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Two days after the Washington Post piece went live, another poll was conducted. Moore dropped, as one might suspect and his opponent gained, but it’s the percentages that might actually shock you. Moore was seen with a 49.8% and Jones gained only 0.4% support for a total of 39.6%. 10.5% of voters were undecided and this poll had a margin of error of 3.3%. 1,536 likely voters were polled for this.

“The polling between Thursday morning and Saturday showed far less movement than I originally expected,” said pollster John Wahl. “The controversy surrounding the Washington Post article seems to have galvanized the support of both candidates, but not changed the actual percentages in a significant manner. The Moore campaign has already weathered a considerable amount of political attacks during this campaign season, and I expect most of his lightest support to have blown off during these attacks. His current support level is holding fairly steady.”

In a time where it seems like there are new accusations of sexual assault every day, we can’t forget that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and I think a lot of Moore’s supporters know this, and realize that this allegation is much too coincidental for people to take at face value. It could be that this woman is telling the truth, but it could also be that someone saw the political atmosphere and thought that a good way to destroy Moore’s chances at winning would be to accuse him of something so heinous that it’s impossible to publicly support him.

Unless Moore admits to the misdeed, or some sort of evidence is produced, this story may only be known by Corfman, Moore and God. Unless and until that happens, we need to vote with the knowledge we have.

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