ALERT: Mass Riots Looming After Trump Win [VIDEO]

ALERT: Mass Riots Looming After Trump Win [VIDEO]

We knew there was trouble brewing, it was in the air…and of course, all over YouTube. However, now after Trump’s win yesterday, tension has skyrocketed…and now this is what’s happening.

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From InfoWars:

The tweets below were all sent out in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s victory in Indiana.

Although civil unrest follows Trump everywhere he goes, the riots have only seemed to help his poll numbers.

Following last week’s violence in Costa Mesa, California, where unhinged anti-Trumpers attacked people and defaced vehicles while waving Mexican flags, Trump opened up a 34 point lead over Ted Cruz in the Golden State.

As we have documented, Trump has faced innumerable death threats since becoming the Republican frontrunner, yet the establishment media continues to bizarrely insist that his own supporters are the only violent threat to be concerned about.

This is madness. I am almost wishing Hillary did become President, so things can go to crap a lot faster. Let’s just get it over with, so we can start rebuilding… this whole watching America slowly deteriorate is just… sickening.

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