America’s Servant, Not Obama’s: Next Speaker of the House Must be a Principled Leader

America’s Servant, Not Obama’s: Next Speaker of the House Must be a Principled Leader

No one out there gets to the heart of the matter the way Allen West does. He nails it on what we need going forward as far as a new Speaker of the House. The House needs to be restored to what the Founding Fathers intended. Order must be restored and constitutional laws and principles need to be reinstated. It must be a principled leader who follows the will of the people and honors the trust put in him or her. This needs to be someone who appreciates the true meaning of the ‘pursuit of happiness.’ We need a warrior with a battle plan – a strategist and a tactician who understands that we are at war within and without. It needs to be someone who embraces the greatness of America and capitalism. Someone who is not afraid of scrutiny and who will do the right thing regardless of the cost. We need a true patriot at the helm to right the American ship.

John Boehner, Allen West

From Allen West:

The purpose of this missive is not to review the speakership of John Boehner. Rather I would like to analyze what is needed going forward. America will be in the final year of the “fundamental transformation” of President Barack Obama and someone must be willing to enter the arena and make the case that this direction has failed.

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The next Speaker of the House of Representatives must restore that body to be the premier legislative body the Founding Fathers intended it to be. We’ve sat back and watched the Supreme Court legislate. We’re watching the Executive branch legislate by executive order fiat.

It is time for someone to establish regular order, not just in the House of Representatives, but in Washington DC. The House must once again exert its constitutionally-enumerated powers and authority — especially the power of the purse. The next Speaker of the House must be a brilliant constitutional strategist and tactician and make the progressive socialists defend their failed ideology and shine a bright light on the damage they’ve done to America over these past seven years. It is time the GOP learn to play chess and stop playing checkers. The incessant outmaneuvering of the House must end, and that should be job number one for a new Speaker.

A new Speaker of the House of Representatives must be a principled, resolute leader who will truly be the “voice of the American Republic” and a person who will restore the rule of law and the sovereignty of the individual. We need someone who can delineate between the polices that promote the opportunity society as opposed to the dependency society.

This person must regain the moral high ground of the “pursuit of happiness” instead of a government guarantee of happiness.

A new Speaker of the House of Representatives must come in with a clearly understood battle plan – a policy agenda — that can be articulated to the everyday American citizen, and that policy direction can be easily contrasted against the failed ideology and policies of the Obama administration and what it has produced — 93 million Americans out of the workforce, rampant debt, high deficits regardless of record tax revenue, a misguided assault on our oil, natural gas, and coal industries, the decimation of our armed forces, the rise of militant Islamic jihadism, the lack of trust in governance, the disregard of our Constitution, more Americans in poverty and on food stamps, a breakdown of law and order on our streets, and a worsening of race relations amid a well orchestrated atmosphere of divisiveness.

The new Speaker of the House cannot be invisible but must be as known to the American people and clearly seen as the defender of the Republic and its honor.

This new speaker must be fearless and willing to take on the political elite cabal of Washington DC along with the liberal progressive media elites. There is only one interest this new Speaker must have, and that is the American interest, the interest of our children and grandchildren.

The new Speaker must be a dominant person whose words, deeds, and actions will not just be known here in America — but also by the enemies of our nation. Our allies must be able to see in this new Speaker a conviction of purpose that will elicit their confidence. And our men and women in uniform need to know that this Speaker is a fighter for liberty.

I’ve already seen a list of the names who will throw their hats into the ring. The American people gave the GOP historic majorities in the House and Senate, they expect more. And please, do not give me the “compromise” drivel because there was not a “smidgen” of such when Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi ruled the roost and did not seek any “compromise” with the GOP those first two years of the Obama administration. As a matter of fact, consider that the supposed agenda accomplishments of President Obama — Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the Iranian nuclear deal — all came about without bipartisanship.

So when the new Speaker of the House is asked if he or she will work with President Obama, the response should be — “I am here to work for the American people to restore a vision of economic growth, opportunity, and promise. I look forward to President Obama working with me and the people’s House to once again ensure it is morning in America.”

The next Speaker of the House of Representatives need not be a politician but rather a defender of American principles, a servant leader.

It has to be someone willing to take on the media and tell them to stuff it. To not cave and go with the political winds whenever things get a bit rough. Our military needs to know they have someone in their corner; someone who stands for liberty and strength. This is a leader who must be America’s servant, not Obama’s. Someone that can’t be bought or corrupted. It will take a strong leader who is ready to do battle with a horde of Marxists and enemies both foreign and domestic. This is the way forward and this is the conservatives’ moment – now is the time to make our move. Let’s hope they have the will to do so for the sake of our country and our party.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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