Andy Martin: Republican Fruit Loop

One of the downsides of getting to a certain level in the blogosphere is that candidates from all across the country slap you on their mailing lists and send you their “exciting” day-to-day exploits.

“Candidate Smith comes out against deficit”

“Candidate Smith to attend fund raiser”

“Candidate Smith condemns opponent Jones for his boneheaded shenanigans”

Actually, I’d probably read the last one — but, in general, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to sort through all of these dull missives.

One such candidate who sends me crap like this is Andy Martin, who’s apparently running for the Senate in Illinois. Believe it or not, I didn’t even know where Martin was running for office before today because his emails were so appallingly moronic that I had set my email up to filter anything with his name on it.


Because this child-like buffoon sends out ridiculous emails attacking conservatives like Jim DeMint, makes outlandish claims, and hypes up birther conspiracies.

Normally, I’d have been happy to have the emails from this jackass head to my circular file while I forget he exists –: but, no, this bonehead is apparently making just as much of a fool of himself with his advertising as he is with his emails:

U.S Senate candidate Andy Martin is airing a new political advertisement that is making accusations about the sexual orientation of Congressman Mark Kirk.

Candidate Martin and Congressman Kirk are both facing off in the primary for the 2010 Senate Race for the seat previously held by President Barack Obama, and now by Roland Burris.

…During the advertisement Martin says that Illinois Republican Jack Roeser has stated there is a “solid rumor that Mark Kirk is a homosexual.” It goes further to say that the Republican leader thinks Kirk is part of a “Republican Party homosexual club.” and that Kirk should come clean about these accusations.

In a written statement, Kirk campaign manager Eric Elk says, “The ad is not true and is demeaning to the political process. The people of Illinois deserve better.”

Although I don’t particularly like Mark Kirk, I haven’t heard any “rumors” about him and would note that he was married for 8 years. In any case, what kind of candidate actually runs an ad like this in a Republican primary? What kind of candidate runs an ad based on a “solid rumor?”

I’ll tell you what kind: A jackass. It’s one thing for bloggers to do it, but for a candidate? That’s way, way, way over-the-line.

That’s why even the Illinois GOP is bombing on this guy:

The head of the Illinois Republican Party says the party will no longer recognize Andy Martin as a legitimate Republican candidate.

Reaction to the Andy Martin political ads from Pat Brady, the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party?

“Consider the source.”

Brady calls Martin “a sick man.”

“Let’s take a reality check. There’s no way this guy will win any elections. He has a history of doing this, this hate-filled speech and this bizarre behavior, so he’s not going to be anybody’s nominee, but he will no longer be recognized by the state of Illinois… Republican party as a candidate.”

I can’t speak for anybody else, but if the choices in Illinois somehow came down to Andy Martin and a Democrat, I’d prefer the Democrat over being stuck with a braindead, slobbering cretin like Andy Martin.

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