Another Victim Of Lawfare: Senator Kelly Ayotte

We know all about what hard core lefties like Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and their associates have done in order to shut down free speech and intimidate (to put it mildly) people with other political points of view. Folks like R.S. McCain and Bob Belvedere have done great work to expose the use of lawfare as intimidate (Bob’s latest here), and many others have been the recipients and have had to spend lots of money and time as lawfare is used against them. Well, the latest is Senator Kelly Ayotte. Politico goes for the headline Kelly Ayotte’s $120k legal headache

A bizarre but little-known lawsuit has caused headaches for freshman Sen. Kelly Ayotte and cost her at least $120,000 in legal fees just as her political stock rises and she’s being mentioned as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney.

Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, has dismissed the suit as “frivolous,” and a federal judge largely agreed when he tossed it out in May. But Boston blogger Chris King said he would appeal to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals and threatened to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Interesting how Politico writers Scott Wong and Manu Raju make it sound like Ayotte did something wrong, even though the suit was tossed.

King, a self-described “liberal,” also has continued to target Ayotte on his seven-year-old civil rights blog,, posting YouTube videos, audio recordings and written messages railing against the senator and her allies.

The case shows how anyone with a legal background, a handheld video camera and a website can wage a one-man campaign against a U.S. senator, in this case, one who’s emerging as one of the Republican Party’s brightest stars.

The case shows how anyone can use the law to intimidate and harass another citizen for holding a different political point of view. Funny how it always seems to be “liberals” who are doing this.

The issue at hand is King claiming he was removed from Ayotte events, violating his 1st Amendment rights and, of course, discrimination, ie, raaaaacism. The judge in the case didn’t agree

U.S. District Judge John McConnell of Rhode Island wrote in his ruling that King had failed to prove he had been discriminated against and that the events were private and held on private property and therefore not subject to the First Amendment. Last month, McConnell also rejected King’s motion to reconsider the decision.

Much of this seems to be a vendetta against Ayotte, as she indicted him while New Hampshire AG for practicing law without a license. And

King, 47, was prevented from attending the events because he had a history of causing problems at Ayotte and other GOP functions, said a Republican source familiar with the issue. He also has a checkered past – he once was indicted for misrepresenting himself in his legal career and was previously suspended from practicing law in Ohio, according to public records and media reports.

King himself has a rather checkered past, and, as one person, The Truth About KingCast, wrote back in 2010

He was employed by the NH NAACP who terminated his employment, after they discovered he had misrepresented himself to them.

Mr. King was employed by the American Tower Corp in MA who teminated his employment. They also filed a case in US District Court in Boston and were granted a gag order aganst Mr. King.

Mr. King was employed by Touch 106.1 in Boston, they too severed their relationship with Mr. King and he subsequently set up another blog for the sole purpose of harassing and defaming the owner of the radio station.

Mr. King has threatened to sexually assault several forum members wives in the Franconia topix forums, and has threatened several forum members with physical violence as well

Mr. King has been stalking and harassing private citizens online for the last 4 years. One person is currently obtaining a restraining order in US District Court. The person is also seeking to have criminal charges brought against Mr. King aka KingCast for stalking and harassment via a telecommunication device.

Ayotte is not at fault, but the recipient of an intimidation tactic by a far left progressive with an axe to grind, using the law to harass, and causing her to have to spend lots of money to defend herself. Fortunately, as a sitting US Senator, she’s likely not going to be a recipient of a SWATing.

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