Awkward Moment Trump Silently Stares Down Protester – What Happens Next? WATCH!

Awkward Moment Trump Silently Stares Down Protester – What Happens Next? WATCH!

You can’t blame Trump for being ticked off by a protester like this. It would make me mad as well. In Oklahoma City, some troll stood behind Trump as he was speaking and made a ruckus. He was wearing a shirt that said ‘KKK Endorses Trump’. He was also wearing a yellow star that is a sympathy symbol for Muslims. The crowd started booing and jeering him. Trump called security to have the guy removed. Then he paced. At one point, he stood menacingly over the guy and I wondered exactly what he would do. Trump went on about how he loved the police, but in the old days, the guy would have have been yanked out a lot quicker.

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From Western Journalist:

Donald Trump’s disgust with the latest antics of a protester was plain for all to see during a Friday night rally when one protester went above and beyond to call attention to himself.

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In the middle of Trump’s speech in Oklahoma City, he stopped as the crowd’s attention shifted to a man wearing a white T-shirt that stated, “KKK endorses Trump.” The shirt also was adorned with a gold star akin to those worn by Jewish citizens in Nazi Germany.

Trump left the podium and paced like a caged tiger as he waited for the man to be removed. He then walked toward the man and loomed over him for a few moments.

It didn’t help that David Duke of the KKK actually did endorse Trump. Trump disavowed the endorsement. Trump talked about the fears police face removing a protester who might then sue the police. “We’re becoming a frightened country and it’s very, very sad,” Trump said. I would agree with that. Trump’s demeanor is a bit disconcerting here. I’m not used to someone acting like a Brooklyn brawler who is about to be my nominee for president. Strange days, folks.

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