Because I Can’t Resist: On McConnell’s Leadership Assurance

Short answer: Whatever. Nothing is assured in this climate.

Long answer: I’ll get to it in a minute. First, Ace says this:

I’d bet on McConnell, but I wouldn’t bet much. FWIW, I think… I’m meh on him. I don’t dislike him, I don’t resent him, I understand the need for tactics and stuff, but I also don’t really find him much of a spokesman.

He doesn’t rev me up. I don’t think he revs anyone up. He sort of seems somnolent by genetic disposition and conscious choice. Whenever I have trouble sleeping I count Mitch McConnell’s jumping over a fence.

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Still, all this excitement and stuff in the party — we’ve got a lot of it. We might want to avoid making things too exciting. We’re casting a Senate, not The Expendables here.

Yeah, well, I’ll raise your boring with this boneheaded:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell had his first one-on-one meeting with President Obama a few weeks ago, shortly before Congress broke for its summer recess.

But in the coming months, with Republicans likely to pick up significant political ground in this fall’s elections, McConnell is anticipating many more meetings like it.

“I think I’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future,” McConnell, R-Ky., said today on ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line.” “And I think if we have a larger number of Republicans, it will hopefully move him to the political center, which is the way he ran in ’08, but not the way he’s governed since then. And hopefully, if he moves to the center or the right of center, we can to do business.”

McConnell said there are several big areas where Republicans can work with a Democratic White House.

“We’re interested in cutting spending and debt. If he becomes interested in that, I think he’ll find us a willing partner,” he said. “He says he’s for trade agreements. We’d like to ratify trade agreements. He says he is for nuclear power. We’d like to do that. He says he is for clean coal technology. We’d like to do that. I mean, there are areas where we’d ought to be able to work together for the good of the country.”

I get it. An election year and the independents and moderates wonder why can’t everyone get along, dammit?! And so, the mild mannered, bespectacled, rather recalcitrant Mitch McConnell inveighs on coming to the center…while managing to piss off every single base voter. As usual.

If the Republicans stay in the minority, I say Senator McConnell should stay put. He is excellent on defense.

If the Republicans win, though, there are some compelling reasons to change leadership.

1. All voters across the spectrum need to see some changes. For them to believe the Republican party has changed, they need to see evidence of change. And change, means changed leadership.

2. The new Congress is going to need a tad more spit and vinegar and savvy against a pouty-faced, blaming, baby in the Oval Office. Mild remonstrations from a tired looking Senator may not be what anyone wants to see day in and day out–because the new Majority Leader will be getting lots of face time. I’d put an emphasis on ease with TV communication and respect amongst his or her peers.

3. A change in leadership would challenge the notion that the Republicans are still the party of tenure and suck-up endurance.

Anyway, I get the wisdom of the ages and doing time and whatnot. I’ve actually been happy with Mitch McConnell as the minority leader. But it wasn’t all too long ago that these guys ran the place and I remember those times, too.

Senator McConnell’s entreaties to the White House are ringing a familiar bell and sounding a sour note, to irritate you with mixed metaphors.

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