Betsy DeVos Couldn’t Help Herself, Despite Protesters She TWEETS This – Libs Heads SPINNING!

Betsy DeVos Couldn’t Help Herself, Despite Protesters She TWEETS This – Libs Heads SPINNING!

The left has come totally unhinged over Betsy DeVos becoming Secretary of Education. Yesterday, in DC, she was blocked from entering a school by Black Lives Matter and then her vehicle was blocked by those same protesters. She’s okay, but DC police are checking into the assault on her. They yelled, “Shame!, Shame!, Shame!” at her and literally tried to get at her. Black Lives Matter and the teacher’s union will do anything to stop her agenda. Good luck with that. DeVos is not some wallflower that will run for a safe space and whimper in a corner. She’s tough as nails and will fight back.

This week, Betsy tweeted a lighthearted remark: “Day 1 on the job is done, but we’re only getting started. Now where do I find the pencils? :)” Again, leftists went into a rage over the innocent jest. They attacked her family’s wealth, which by the way, they worked incredibly hard for. That family started out with nothing and built an empire by helping others. Then these trolls accused her of wanting to pink slip teachers and that they had to buy their own supplies, but DeVos wouldn’t know anything about that because she’s wealthy. What moronic nonsense. First of all, there are a lot of incompetent teachers out there that SHOULD be fired. There are a lot of good ones too. Her job is to weed them out and help students. Second, teachers shouldn’t have to buy their own supplies and if the corruption in the teacher’s union and the schools themselves was ferreted out, they wouldn’t have to. There are people getting filthy rich off school money meant for our kids. It needs to stop.


From Western Journalism:

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos learned this week that even after her bruising confirmation process she is still going to be the target of the liberals, Democrats and teacher unions that launched a vast and vicious campaign to block her confirmation.

DeVos on Wednesday sent out a light-hearted tweet.

Twitter did not find her tongue-in-cheek remark amusing.

Also on Wednesday, DeVos tweeted that she met with Department of Education staff.

On Thursday, DeVos traveled to Howard University.

“We had a robust discussion around the many challenges facing higher education and the important role of (Historically Black Colleges and Universities),” DeVos said of the visit.

“Howard University plays a unique and valuable role in the fabric of our higher education system, and I am honored to help celebrate its 150th anniversary. I look forward to visiting many schools across our great country and continuing the discussion on how we can increase access to affordable, quality higher education,” she said.

Betsy DeVos did not ‘purchase’ her appointment. She was selected by President Trump and confirmed because she’s very good at what she does and she’s earned it. A concept these troglodytes cannot even fathom. She’s a brave woman. DeVos is fearlessly venturing into the lion’s den by going into these schools to start determining what needs to be changed and how to clean them up and put students first. I’m glad she has security with her, because it is getting increasingly dangerous out there.

Personally, I hope that DeVos helps arm every teacher in every school out there. Our children will be much safer. In the end, the Department of Education may go away entirely and DeVos knows that. It would be a very good thing… the DOE didn’t even come into existence until the 1970s and it has done nothing but harm the school system ever since. She is an advocate of private, charter and home schooling. I wish her all the best as the education system is royally screwed up because of liberals and Marxists. I hope she keeps her sense of humor, she’s going to need it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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