Boehner fingered for ‘guilty knowledge’ of Benghazi; families join military leaders to demand action

Boehner fingered for ‘guilty knowledge’ of Benghazi; families join military leaders to demand action


The pressure is mounting on: House Speaker John Boehner: to appoint a select committee to investigate the events in: Benghazi: now that three family members of the victims and several “conservative and military leaders” have joined forces demanding action from Boehner.

Breitbart News’ obtained a letter: signed by over 70 people — including “Sean Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, and uncle, Michael Ingmire, along with Tyrone Woods’ father, Charles Woods, former Rep.: Allen West: (R-FL), conservative leader Ginni Thomas of Liberty Consulting, Judicial Watch president: Tom Fitton, retired Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, [and] Freedom Center presidentDavid Horowitz” — that was hand-delivered to Boehner on Monday stating the “grave concern over the failure of your House of Representatives to extract the truth from the Obama administration concerning the attack on our diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi, Libya; and, the brutal deaths ofAmbassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Officer: Sean Smith, and security officers: Ty Woods: and: Glen Doherty,” investigative journalist: Matthew Boyle reported.

The letter slams Boehner for his stubborn refusal to appoint the select committee even though U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf’s: House Resolution 36 calling for the committee has 178 members: of Congress signed on to it — a supermajority of the majority, and questions if Boehner isn’t investigating Benghazi out of a desire to save his speakership.

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Boyle reported the letter said, in part:

“To date, five (5) different committees of the House have conducted separate hearings, uncovering information in a piecemeal fashion lacking professional investigators,” the coalition wrote to Boehner.: “The five committees’ efforts are disjointed and uncoordinated.: The Obama administration has benefited from that dysfunctional process to hide the truth.”

“Hardly any Obama administration witnesses have testified — publicly or privately,” they continued. “You have resisted repeated calls for the creation of a select investigative committee with subpoena authority. It appears that you are satisfied to allow that state of investigative incoherence and ambiguity to continue.: The last public hearing by any of the five committees was held in September — four (4) months ago.”

“The families of the dead who fought valiantly to protect the mission and their families, the survivors, and the American people deserve better from you and your Members of Congress,” the letter explained. “They deserve the absolute truth from their government. Your failure to get the truth and hold public officials accountable increases the possibility of other repeat attacks and additional failures to defend Americans abroad.”

“Your inaction and failure to lead on the Benghazi investigation directly contributes to the repetition of lies; a lack of accountability from responsible government officials; and the political advancement of persons who seek to continue to ‘fundamentally transform’ the Constitution and our country,” they accused. “The: New York Times: recent publication proves the Benghazi story is not ‘going away.’”

“Some analysts believe your inaction and passivity towards getting to the truth concerning Benghazi is because you were briefed on the intelligence and special operations activities in Libya as a member of the ‘Super 8,’” they wrote.: “You may possess ‘guilty knowledge.’ We recall how then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi developed a form of ‘amnesia’ concerning a documented briefing she received on so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ — later termed ‘torture’ for political purposes.”

“Are you in the same position as your predecessor?” they asked. “Are you dodging a legitimate, thorough, coordinated investigation of Benghazi because it will damage your political position as Speaker?”

“Your reluctance to lead and resistance to create a Select Committee on Benghazi must end,” they wrote. “More than 75% of all House Republicans — with the conspicuous absence of those in leadership or committee chairmen — have cosponsored Rep. Wolf’s Select Committee bill.: Few bills in this Congress demonstrate such overwhelming support from Republicans.”

In addition to this new letter and the co-sponsors of H.Res. 36,: Special Operations Speaks PACunrolled one of the largest petitions: ever presented to Congress last July: a petition signed by over 1,000 Special Ops veterans and over a million Americans demanding House members sign the resolution and get a Select Committee appointed.

Patriot Journalist Network: is another group who has kept the pressure on the House to investigate.

“Justice for Benghazi 4”: has kept a list of Republican House members who have not signed on to H.Res. 36, including John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Jason Chaffetz, Darrell Issa and Paul Ryan.

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