BOMBSHELL: Colorado Precinct Captain Speaks Out On ‘Theft’ Controversy

BOMBSHELL: Colorado Precinct Captain Speaks Out On ‘Theft’ Controversy

Amid the claims that Ted Cruz “stole” delegates from Donald Trump in Colorado, Daryl Bohall, precinct captain, decided to clear the air in a Facebook post that is sure to anger a lot of supporters.

Donald Trump listens to rival Ted Cruz during the Republican candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

From Facebook:

I, Daryl Bohall, am 1 of 2 precinct captains of the 20 or so precincts in Summit County Colorado. Yes the cat is out of the bag. I don’t just talk politics for fun. I’m actually involved. I’d like to clear a few things up.

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Did we not get to vote for our delegates in Colorado? Were our Colorado delegates stolen? No. Neither is true.

On March 1st I went to my very first primary or caucus event of any kind in my life. As the caucus began we were told that the normal official straw poll was now unofficial and non-binding. We were also told we didn’t have to participate if we didn’t want to in that now unofficial straw poll. I did as did all but 1 or 2 at our table of 20 people for our precinct. Over the course of the next hour nearly 2 actually we discussed back and forth a variety of items but none fully specific to a single candidate. Although all remaining candidates where mentioned. It was about the direction we are going as a country as a whole. The things I said led people to volunteer myself to be a precinct captain AND a precinct delegate. I accepted the precinct captain vote. I declined the precinct delegate encouragement because I personally didn’t know if could attend the full county convention and then the state convention (last weekend) and then the national convention in July if I were proven enough to be elected by my peers at each following levels. I did say that if the precinct delegates we elected that night and the alternates also couldn’t make it then I’d do all I could to make it work out. So I paid attention to the process but I wasn’t needed for our March 12th Summit County convention. That county convention elected delegates from our precincts delegate elections and they were chosen to attend the state convention the past weekend. They then, with all other Colorado counties, chose our national convention delegates.

So what am I saying. If I had accepted the precinct delegate offer and then happened to be voted a precinct delegate, and then a state delegate I would’ve been able to vote 4 times, including the unofficial straw poll, for the people as a delegate that best represented Colorado, constitutional and my values.

Anyone out there that says the people of Colorado didn’t get to vote are either lying to you or didn’t participate in the process to even know what they are saying. Both are happening but the 2nd is the real problem. Our republic is in great trouble if people are unwilling to inform themselves about how our republic works.

What’s this all really mean? Colorado delegates voted again on up to 4 times to become a national delegate are 100% free to vote for whoever they want at the national convention in July. They are allowed to vote for who best would represent Colorado on the republican ticket in November. That’s mean they are unbound delegates, even if they all currently support 1 candidate, they can factor in anything that changes in the political climate between now and the convention should a candidate drop out or do something that would make them unfit to be president. It’s how our republic is supposed to work. Some will disagree but however think about this…….

Do all the delegates from 1 vote in South Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Arizona that are all bound to the 1 winner in that state truly get to vote for the candidate that best represents their state, our constitution and their personal values on the first ballot? Do they? That’s an obvious answer of NO. They don’t.

Which system gives the delegates our truer voice and freedom to correctly pick a presidential candidate?

It’s actually very clear if you look at what Colorado actually did in its process.

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