BREAKING: GOP Rep. Farenthold RESIGNS Amidst Harassment Allegations

BREAKING: GOP Rep. Farenthold RESIGNS Amidst Harassment Allegations

Texas Republican Representative Blake Farenthold has decided to resign from his position after it was revealed that he has been responsible for being inappropriate with members of his staff.

The allegations include claims that the Rep made sexually graphic jokes, as well as verbally abusing aides who worked for him. One person who worked under him claimed that it got so bad that he needed to seek “psychological counseling and medical treatment.”

Michael Rekola recounted one incident to CNN that took place before his 2015 wedding, during which he claims Farenthold told him to ask his bride to “preform oral sex” before the wedding because “it would be the last time.” The Congressman also inquired whether the woman would be able to wear white on her wedding day, which was obviously a reference to pre-marital sex.

Lauren Greene details similar behavior, as well as gender discrimination, a hostile work environment and retaliation. She also recalls Farenthold asking her to engage in a “threesome.” In 2014, she sued the representative and was awarded $84,000 from a public fund on his behalf. Last week, the House Ethics Committee announced that it would be launching an investigation into the payment.

In an interview with CNN, Farenthold admitted to calling staff members “f***tards” “in jest, not in anger.” He also noted that while he was joking, it was not appropriate.

Many allege that he would routinely make comments about the size of women’s breasts and joked bout being on “redhead patrol” because he has a thing for women with red hair.

Mike Bergsma – Republican county chairman in Nueces, Farenthold’s home county – states that he wishes that this issue wasn’t causing such a ruckus.

“I think it’s a shame. He’s my friend; I think he’s been a good congressman. I wish he had been able to tell his side of the story and that this one issue wasn’t making so much difference,” he stated. “I don’t think he had done anything that devastating, and the thing that’s really hurting him is that it was public money. And the way the law is structured, my understanding is, he didn’t have much choice.”

Do you think Farenthold is right to resign? Especially if he used public money to pay off an accuser, I think he should leave office as soon as possible. The fact that it’s not just women accusing this man of inappropriate behavior should also be extremely important, as we’re not the only ones who can be affected by this issue.

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