Breaking: GOP Senators ‘Laughed Out Loud’ at Notion Border Wall Would Get Built [VIDEO]

Breaking: GOP Senators ‘Laughed Out Loud’ at Notion Border Wall Would Get Built [VIDEO]

Laura Ingraham’s new book is full of new stories from the last election. The Fox News host and author has released a new addition to the list of books praising the American revolt that led to the 45th President and contains many new revelations from trusted sources.

Billionaires at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump was just released on Tuesday and already has a five star rating on Amazon. One of the reviews mentioned that Laura is “a great writer” who “hit the nail on the head with Reagan and Trump.”

Laura’s book is full of her personal view of the “populist revolution” that blossomed with a Trump presidential win “as she witnessed it.”

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And some of the things she witnessed were Republicans who need to be drained along with the rest of the swamp.

Ingraham, a bestselling author, said that Republicans will pay dearly if they allow the Grand Old Party to continue in their mission to go against everything that MAGA stands for. Recently Steve Bannon appeared on Sean Hannity to talk about how every Republican coming up for re-election in November of 2018 (except for Ted Cruz) needs to be cut off of their monetary sources and kicked from their offices. Ingraham’s book brings up the fact that many Republicans are just as rotten as the Democrats and are just as likely to bring Trump’s mandate crashing down. As Bannon said: “Nobody [will be safe] — we are coming [after the establishment Republicans] and we are going to win.”

Ingraham mentions one source in particular who was in the same room as some GOP members who “laughed out loud at the idea that Trump’s border wall would ever be built.” She goes on to say that “if a wall… is not erected along our southern border, the President and his party will pay a severe political price.”

The Fox News host said that Congress must find the $25 billion for the wall, because the current budget is $4 trillion. It’s “absurd” to think that the GOP won’t be able to find the amount of money it would take to build the thing if they’re already spending money and since they’ve “never met a building project they didn’t like” it shouldn’t be so difficult. She derided them for being “fiscal hawks” on the wall issue, saying that they already approve spending $25 billion on vacant and unused federal buildings.

“Bottom line… the political fight over the wall is not about money, it’s about denying Trump and his voters a major victory.”

Here’s an 11-minute interview discussing Laura’s new book from Fox News.

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