BREAKING: Murkowski Concedes in Alaska

Another one of Mitch McConnell’s favorites just went down in flames as Senator Lisa Murkowski just bowed to Alaska’s new GOP candidate for Senate, Joe Miller.

Miller is far more conservative than Murkowski who was vying for the Ted Stevens award for pork.

As the New York Times says

Mr. Miller shocked the political establishment here and in Washington last week when he emerged with a narrow lead, 1,668 votes, after the primary vote, on Aug. 24.

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Chalk up another win for a Palin pick, too, as Miller got former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s support in this primary.

At first tongues were wagging that Murkowski was doing better than expected in the absentee ballots but as the night wore on it became clear that she was never going to be able to make up the lead that Miller had going into the counting.

That she conceded is a very good thing for the race in Alaska because it means that the bruising primary is over and Miller can spend his time and money on his Democrat opponent and not on a recount battle.

I am pleasantly surprised that Murkowski did concede, too, because yesterday an RNC hired gun lawyer was quickly flown up to Alaska and that could have portended a hard fought recount battle.

But it isn’t to be and that is a good thing.

Now let’s shake hands in Alaska, Republicans, and get to the job of putting Joe Miller in Washington D.C.!

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