BREAKING: Republicans Make Plans For Meeting To Discuss REPLACING Paul Ryan – Over ‘RyanCare’

BREAKING: Republicans Make Plans For Meeting To Discuss REPLACING Paul Ryan – Over ‘RyanCare’

President Trump on Friday has back off the turd sandwich that was Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill after it failed to secure the votes needed to pass. Many believed that the extremely criticized healthcare bill dubbed ‘Ryancare’ was but another socialist healthcare program band-aid.

President Trump, if by chance or not, can use this opportunity of a failed bill to push for a full repeal of Obamacare and also a replacement of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Republican officials in Congress and the White House are now out and out talking about searching for a GOP replacement to Rep. Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, since Ryan not only failed to pass the American Health Care Act out of the House, but also arrogantly misled the public and twisted the arms of conservatives saying that it was the best they could do.

Well Ryan, not good enough falls on your shoulders…We’ll be looking forward to your demise as Speaker.

Ryan was recorded on an audio file from October saying he is “not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future.” While the audio file isn’t clear on the comments, Ryan’s staff later asserted that it was actually about the Access Hollywood tape scandal from the election. The audio tape of Ryan, recorded from a House GOP members’ conference call, doesn’t provide the right context to know if that is true or not.

Ryan’s major failure to provide a full repeal of the abomination that is Obamacare – and instead putting forth a bill that is just another version of government healthcare – may cement his fate.

A source close to the President said:

“This is another example of the staff not serving the president well and the weakness of the Paul Ryan speakership. This calls into question once again the speaker’s commitment to supporting Donald Trump and his agenda.”


“Speaker Ryan proved today that he does not have the best interests of the President at heart. He sold out the president and showed his word can be taken with a grain of salt. There is only one course of action that should be taken to move past this catastrophe and that is the swift removal of Paul Ryan from the speakership.”

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