Breaking: Rick Perry To Suspend Campaign Today

Via Mediate

CNN political analyst Paul Steinhauser is reporting that Texas Governor Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid for the GOP nomination Thursday afternoon, ahead of the South Carolina debate later Thursday night.

Steinhauser said that CNN political reporter Peter Hamby has two sources that say Perry will drop out at some point today.

And then there were four.

More: DrewM at Ace Of Spades HQ says Perry should have been The One, but, it just didn’t happen for him. Why didn’t Perry catch fire? After initially jumping in, he was hot. Then, he had the Gardisil issue, showing him to be another big government Republican. Then, terrible debates, some of which he looked more like a statue at a wax museum. Then we were treated to his “heartless” comment, which he doubled down on, which Michelle Malkin said wasn’t even the worst part of that debate. Forgetting the fourth agency he would do away with. Multiple times. A failure to provide any real plans. And, seeming to answer every question with “I created jobs in Texas.” He mostly spoke in platitudes. He had flashes in the debates, but, they were few and far between.

As DrewM points out, there will be lots written about why Perry couldn’t do better.

(Changed headline: removed word “supposedly” prior to “suspend.” He’s definitely out.)

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