BREAKING: Trump Makes Terrifying Announcement – Things Are About to Get REALLY Bad

BREAKING: Trump Makes Terrifying Announcement – Things Are About to Get REALLY Bad

Donald Trump was blunt in what he believes is coming from Barack Obama on the Second Amendment. He believes that soon we won’t be able to get guns. And I fear he is right. If he is correct, then what Obama may be about to do is equal to banning guns. And I would never dismiss the possibility of confiscation with Obama… he’ll do it if he thinks he can get away with it. The Marxists have been whittling away at our Second Amendment rights forever. Now we have a president that doesn’t give two figs for the law or the Constitution and is willing to do whatever he sees fit. Trump is right, if what Obama is proposing is upright and cut and dried, why can’t it go through Congress as it is supposed to?

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From Young Conservatives:

“Well, pretty soon, you won’t be able to get guns,” Trump told Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day,” adding that the planned action is just “another step in the way of not getting guns.”

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“What I do see is I do see step by step by step, and then all of a sudden you have no Second Amendment,” the billionaire businessman continued. “You’ll have steps, these little baby steps, and some of them aren’t so baby. Now, in all fairness, I don’t know what Obama’s proposing, ’cause nobody’s really said what he’s proposing.”

“You know, it’s supposed to be negotiated, you’re supposed to cajole, get people in a room, you’re supposed to deal with them,” he said. “You have Republicans, you have Democrats, you have all these people that get elected to do this stuff, and you’re supposed to get together and pass a law.”

“I want to see why he couldn’t get this approved by Congress, why can’t he go in and get this approved,” Trump said. “You know, you do have to ask that question, ’cause why can’t you, if something is so seemingly cut-and-dry as you’d like to say it is, why can’t the system work the way it was supposed to be work — the way it was designed.”

Obama knows what he is doing is unconstitutional and it goes against what Americans want. He doesn’t care. It is part of his political agenda. Trump is railing against Obama over his gun control moves and I don’t blame him in the least. Whatever Obama unveils tomorrow it will be unconstitutional and outrageous. It always is and right now on his way out of office, he has nothing to lose. So why not? Obama is meeting with Loretta Lynch today and he has ordered his henchmen to find every way they can to sidestep Congress and the law on the issue of guns. We should all ask ourselves why? I say ‘come and take them’ and I have a feeling the rest of America is willing to fight in the shade on this issue as well.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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