Bush Says He Won’t Criticize Obama, As It’s Just Too Easy

Alright, OK, he didn’t say that last part, but, for good or bad, President Bush 43 shows exactly why folks on the Right supported him even in light of his Democrat-lite domestic agenda: he’s a classy guy who doesn’t play the blame game

FORT WORTH, Texas | Former President George W. Bush turned to his faith amid the tough times during his eight years in office, he said Saturday at a religious school’s banquet. (snip)

“You won’t see me out there opining … or criticizing my successor,” Bush said, later adding that he is writing a book about his decisions in office so that “you can draw your own conclusions.”

For good or bad, that is the way Bush is. He didn’t play the blame game regarding 9/11, how the plan was put together and practiced during the Clinton years, and how Clinton wiffed on capturing/killing Osama three times. He didn’t complain about being left with a slight recession and rising gas prices. And, in what annoyed us Conservatives, he didn’t complain and lash out and criticize those who attacked his policies in order to defend his policies.

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Bush just wasn’t, and isn’t, the kind of person to go for complaining and criticizing. There is an old saying “you complain up, not down.” There was no one higher for W to complain to, so, he didn’t. He didn’t throw blame on everyone else, since he understood he was the leader. Compare that to Obama, who, even 14 months into his presidency, still blames everyone else and takes no responsibility.

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