Bye-Bye GOP! MASS Exodus After Trump Win – Guess Where They’re Going?

Bye-Bye GOP! MASS Exodus After Trump Win – Guess Where They’re Going?

If you didn’t notice, there is a mass exodus of conservatives from the GOP. Apparently they actually meant it when they said they would not support Donald Trump as the nominee. Why? Not because of Ted Cruz. Because of PRINCIPLES. Principles that Donald Trump just doesn’t have.


From RedState:

…Contrary to the bleating from Trump fans, that’s a perfectly legitimate position to which they have a right. Thus we are seeing a frenzy online of people abandoning the party, burning their GOP registrations and, in a few cases, joining a brand new gang.

From the Washington Examiner:

In the hours after the polls closed in Indiana and it was announced that businessman Donald Trump had won the Republican presidential primary — thereby ending Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign — the Libertarian Party saw a doubling of its new membership applications.

Now, keep in mind, they’re talking about a trivial number of registrations. Like TINY. But the sentiment is reflective of something we are seeing all across the country. For example:

When the party of Lincoln, a once “conservative” party throws away their principles to adapt to a liberal progressive nominee, what did you think would happen? The tent is not wide enough for both the old true conservatism AND populist progressive liberals coming in. The GOP no longer represents our principles. That’s fine. Conservatives and constitutionalism will find another home. Best of luck to you all.

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