Can You Build A Whole Book Around Having Sex With Ari Fleischer?

Can You Build A Whole Book Around Having Sex With Ari Fleischer?

You have to admit that this is a pretty hawt headline, “Sex and drugs rocks the Republican Party as ‘political press tart’ bares all in ‘sexpose’ book,” right?

Sadly, the payoff isn’t quite as scintillating as the title.

Republicans were left reeling by the publication of a new book written by a former political press officer who has lifted the lid on the hedonistic conservative circles at the end of the Bush era.

In the book The Life of the Party, Lisa Baron, who calls herself a political press tart, recounts a lifestyle of casual sex and ‘a seemingly endless supply of narcotics.’

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She boasts of her sexual exploits with the Republican hierarchy including George W Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer and Republican National Committee political director David Israelite.

…The book opens with an intimate encounter between Miss Baron and George W Bush’s White House press secretary Ari Fleischer.

According to Mrs Baron the two shared a sexual experience in a hotel room during the 2000 South Carolina presidential primary.

Mr Fleischer didn’t return Miss Baron’s phone calls after the alleged incident, but the pair eventually bumped into each other further down the campaign trail and allegedly had a series of sexual encounters.

First of all, the hook of the book is supposed to be sex with Ari Fleischer? Seriously? He didn’t even get married until 2002; so I’m not even sure we’re talking about his cheating on his girlfriend here.

Granted, there may be more in there, but the best stuff is usually teased early and if this is it, I don’t think it was even worth her referring to herself as — and I kid you not — a “Political Press Tart” on the cover of her book.

In fact, unless there’s a lot more than this in there, I’m wondering why the book was done at all. I mean, is the shocker supposed to be that there are conservatives having sex? I know liberals seem to be perpetually amazed by the fact and imagine that conservatives almost never copulate, but I promise you, it happens all the time. Why do you think there are so many conservatives?

PS: If this is enough to write a whole book, my guess is that there are probably a few thousand women in D.C. who could get a book deal as long as they were willing to use the words ‘sexpose’ and “political press tart” in the description.

PS #2: If it turns out that Baron did a crazy coke-fueled threesome with Condi Rice and Dick Cheney and inexplicably, her press people decided not to lead with that, ignore this post.

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