Charlie Crist On Health Care: You Trust This Guy? Do You Trust The GOP?

Too often during the Bush years, Republicans became enamored with the idea of compromising for compromise’s sake. Good idea, bad idea, it really didn’t matter because it wasn’t about doing what was right for the country, looking out for their constituents, or even helping the Republican Party. No, no, to the contrary, as long as these Republicans got to stand in front of the camera and claim that they were reasonable, unlike those conservative Republicans who stood up for “principles,” they were happy.

Want me to name a few names? Want me to give you a little taste of the dishonor roll? No problem. Among others, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, Mike DeWine, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe were all guilty of doing it — and that sort of thinking is still prevalent in DC. In fact, that’s why a lot of conservatives are still so suspicious of the GOP.

Are Republicans standing up against Obama’s agenda because they’ve had a “come of Jesus” moment and have realized his big government socialism is killing this country or are they just pursuing a political tactic? If the GOP gets back into power and it’s just politics as usual, are they going to immediately start playing patty cake on bad bills just so they can say they “got something done,” even if it hurts the country?

After reading Charlie Crist’s comments about Obamacare, you have to think he would be EXACTLY the sort of Republican who’d do just that if he were elected. Courtesy of Hot Air:

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Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, told The Palm Beach Post editorial board on Friday that, unlike many Republicans in Washington, he didn’t think President Obama should scrap his health care reform proposal:

“There may be parts of it that you don’t have to scrap. There are three parts of it that I would like to see scrapped: It would raise taxes significantly, it would raise rates significantly and it would take half-a-trillion dollars out of Medicare.

“I think the real issue here, as it relates to health care, is that people want it to not cost so much and people want to have access to it. I think there is a consensus of agreement that the health care that is delivered in America is good. But it’s not easy to get it and it’s too expensive when you do get it.”

Asked if there were any parts of the bill he liked, Crist said:

“I don’t think a whole lot. Watching the discussion yesterday (Thursday) you get a chance to sort of see more of it be ferreted out. You know, I’m the kind of guy … I’m pragmatic. The stimulus is a great example. We needed the money. Every other Republican governor took it, too. I was just maybe a little more honest and straight forward about it. Well, shame on me for being honest. But, you know, as it relates to health care, if there are good ideas, I’m willing to look at them. And I would take that same approach to any issue in Washington.”

Asked again if there were any parts he liked he said:

“Not at present. No.”

Not one good idea?

“There may be. There may be. You know, I’m pretty focused on Florida right now. I mean, after the session I’ll be more focused on the issues in Washington. But I’ve got to do my first job first.”

Not one good idea?

“There may be. There may be. You know, I’m pretty focused on Florida right now. I mean, after the session I’ll be more focused on the issues in Washington. But I’ve got to do my first job first.”

This bill would decimate health care in America, Crist can’t even name a single thing in it he likes, but he doesn’t want to scrap it because you see, he’s “pragmatic.” It’s not about whether the bill makes health care better or worse, you see, it’s whether Charlie #%$$#%$#% Crist can claim he’s reaching out to the other side. This was exactly the same sort of logic that convinced Susan Collins, Olympia J. Snowe, and Arlen Specter — before he switched parties — to vote for a trillion dollar plus stimulus bill that didn’t stimulate the economy. God save this country from the soul-less, unprincipled, wretched RINOS who are willing to flush our country’s future down the drain so a bunch of liberals will call them bipartisan.

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