CNN Readers Offer Up 10 Ideas For Obama And The GOP

So far, CNN has done two top 10 list of things to do in the next 10 weeks, one for Obama, one for the GOP. Interestingly, they haven’t done one for the Democrats. Perhaps it is just too depressing and doesn’t matter, given the consistent numbers showing the GOP is preferred, and the Dems will lose the house, and lose 6-7 seats in the Senate. Today we receive the 10 week to-do list from CNN readers

1. For Obama: Govern from the center – CNN readers say they want to see Obama get behind a more bipartisan agenda. The No. 1 thing they want to see is job creation, and they don’t want partisan games to get in the way.

Commenters advised Obama to not be influenced by those on the far left and instead focus on what the American public wants.

Interestingly, this seems more influenced by those in the center. I hate to tell these folks, it’s not going to happen, nor will he ever listen to what the American public wants, even though he has rammed through most of his unpopular agenda. Obama thinks himself the smartest man in the world. Ever. Despite being unable to give a speech without a teleprompter.

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2. Tout the administration’s accomplishments – Supporters of the health care legislation passed this year say they’re proud of it — and they want Obama to talk about it more. “Talk up Healthcare, because so many supported the bill!” one commenter suggested.

Oh, please do. Please, please, please, as it would increase the GOP chances of regaining the Senate, to go with the House. And would put Obama’s approval numbers down in the single digits.

3. Rise above the partisan bickering – “Quit politicking which further divides our nation,” one commenter posted.

Look, Obama knows better than all of you. So just sit down, shut up, and listen to your O’better. Besides, he doesn’t know how to do anything else.

The other two are to shake up his staff, and stay out of local issues. Did I mention that Obama knows that he is smarter than everyone else?

For the GOP

1. For Republicans: Steer clear of the far right commentators – Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter are doing more harm than good for the GOP, some commenters warned.

Readers say they want Republicans to avoid accepting what’s meant to be shock-jock entertainment as sound advice for the party

Think this one came from far left readers? This is basically saying “don’t listen to the most influential Conservatives.”

2. Keep religion out of politics – “I’m a conservative person, and I’m all for people believing what they want to, but please keep it out of your politics,” one commenter posted.

Readers say they want Republicans to focus on issues such as jobs and the economy instead of trying to prove who is the better Christian.

This is basically code-phrasing for “stay out of social issues. Don’t talk about gay marriage, abortion, and how Islam is a danger.” I do have to agree that they should stay out of social issues, but, Islam is not a social issue, it is a danger to the American way of life. They should focus on the economy and jobs, along with the coming fiasco known as ObamaCare.

3. Be conservative, but be bipartisan – In other words, be a raging RHINO!

4. Represent your constituents, not your party’s agenda – In other words, listen to the unhinged lefties in your districts/states

5. Tell the voters what will be different if Republicans take power Some people haven’t been listening. This is funny, though, because John Kerry ran mostly on not being Bush, the Dems won in 2007 by not being Republicans, and had no ideas, and at least half of Obama’s campaign was “he wasn’t Bush.”

So, that is the list. To wrap it up, I’m going to ask what you think the top 10 things the Democrats should do in the next 10 weeks, and I’ll compile them and post the 10 best up Friday morning.

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