As Conservatives Destroy Keurig Coffee Makers Because of Sean Hannity, Keurig CEO Loses His Nerve [VIDEO]

As Conservatives Destroy Keurig Coffee Makers Because of Sean Hannity, Keurig CEO Loses His Nerve [VIDEO]

So, conservative pundit Sean Hannity took to the Fox News airwaves to defend Roy Moore from allegations that he sexually assaulted a 14 year-old girl in the 70s. Keurig didn’t like that and they pulled their commercials from his show. Well, conservatives didn’t like THAT and decided to smash their Keurig brewing systems publicly because… well, I don’t know. I guess it was to make a point, but given that the company has already made their money off of you, you’re just smashing your own overpriced water heating device.

Now that Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort has seen the backlash from the decision to pull their ads, he has decided to issue an apology for “taking sides” as well as apologizing to his employees for “any negativity” they may have faced as a result.

People have been posting videos and pictures of them destroying their Keurig coffee machines all over social media and urging others to boycott the company that they deem has sided against Sean Hannity and therefore, conservatives.

The CEO of the company later came out with a statement in which he said that pulling the ads was “outside of company protocols.”

“This gave the appearance of ‘taking sides’ in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on Twitter and beyond over the weekend, which was not our intent,” it read. “Clearly, this is an unacceptable situation that requires an overhaul of our issues response and external communications policies and the introduction of safeguards to ensure this never happens again … The nature of social media and the internet news environment is that stories like this explode, and generally do not disappear quickly.”

The accusations against Roy Moore are piling up, with a new accuser coming out today and telling her story to the press. Whether any of this is true or not remains to be seen, but conservatives are definitely ready to boycott any products and companies that they feel are taking sides on the issue.

Will you buy Keurig, or continue to do so? Why or why not? Do you think boycotts are a positive or negative way to influence public opinion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

I personally don’t have a Keurig and would not purchase one because I’m not a big coffee drinker and it would just go to waste, but I’m interested in seeing what those who have invested in the product think about this boycott.

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