Coulter: Calling Trump Anything Other Than Awesome Is Mean

Ann Coulter continues her love affair with non-Conservative Donald Trump, and has seemingly given up on even caring that he is not a conservative

Ann Coulter: Liberal and Conservative Media Unite Against Trump

We have never had total war against a candidate like we’re seeing with Donald Trump. All elements of national media are uniting to stop him.

Look for a fake Trump scandal to break — probably from a conservative news outlet — right before the Iowa caucus.

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Perhaps Conservative media outlets have noticed something Ann has missed, or is ignoring: Trump is not a Conservative. He’s a middle of the road Republican, much less a conservative than Mitt Romney is. Remember the freakout from Conservatives over Mitt? Let’s note that Ann supported Mitt, as well, which made a bit more sense.

The attacks on Trump from the “conservative” media calling him a socialist, a Democrat, a flip-flopper, a fake conservative are just name-calling. I notice that the accusers never include examples, not true ones, anyway. Here are some examples of how Trump has always been for Americans first. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who likes us more than he likes foreigners — and the rich donors who employ them?

How about that Trump supports a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals, otherwise known as amnesty? How about all his donations to Democrats, occurring not that long ago. His support of an assault weapons ban and increasing the waiting period for purchase? His support for abortion on demand, and late term abortion, which suddenly changed when he decided to run as a Republican? He was a registered Democrat till 2009. He’s for taking private property through eminent domain to give to another private entity. Is that enough, Ann?

Trump’s business is real estate, and real estate can’t be outsourced. His flag is planted in this country. If America goes down, his empire goes down.

Is Ann saying Trump wants to be president to simply keep his empire going? She had stated that he was running due to love of country. That is something no one on the right is really questioning, so, Ann created her own little strawman (strawwoman?) to cover the fact that Trump is not a conservative, and, despite Trump’s claims that he wants to secure the border, he wants amnesty. Ann has argued against amnesty many times. She wasn’t even that big a supporter of a border fence, saying there are better ways, ones that force illegals to leave the country because, if you go after employers, schools that host students who overstay their visas, make it illegal to rent to illegals, refuse to give them ID, and others, they’ll leave.

Conservative pundits keep assuring clueless viewers that Trump is not a “real Republican.” They seem not to grasp that most viewers are saying, That’s fantastic! Thanks for reminding me. (I look forward to conservative talk show hosts 20 years hence billing themselves as “Trump Republicans.”)

Is Trump a Republican? He has some conservative/Republican ideas, and fits in perfectly with the squishy GOP. That’s not the argument. He’s not a conservative, and he’s building a cult of personality the same as Obama did. But, Ann cannot argue his bonafides, because they are mostly squishy, so she must insult those who refuse to drink Trump’s kool aid. Which has led to a brutal comment fight at Breitbart. One has to wonder, would Andrew Breitbart support Trump, or, would he recognize that Trump is just another squishy Republican?

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin had a little hissy fit on the trail for Trump (would it be snarky to explain to Trump that Palin might quit halfway through?)

Palin called Trump “a redhead from the big red Apple” and turned her attention to Republicans attacking their own frontrunner. “They’re saying we’re not red enough, we’re not conservative enough. And I say, what the heck do they know about conservatism?”

I know Conservatives do not support amnesty, late term abortion, gun restrictions, and eminent domain for private use. Nor give tons of money to Democratic candidates, some very recently.

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