Cruz in New Hampshire: “Fight for Christ!” Nation Must Return to Its Judeo-Christian Roots

Cruz in New Hampshire: “Fight for Christ!” Nation Must Return to Its Judeo-Christian Roots

Ted Cruz is not ashamed to proclaim his Christian faith, especially on the campaign trail. New Hampshire is no exception as Cruz is sticking to his faith and principles in that state as well. Ted Cruz is boldly stating that as a nation, we must return to our Judeo-Christian roots to survive. While on the trail in the Granite state, he promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, investigate Planned Parenthood, abolish the IRS and defeat ISIS and terrorism. He also answered questions on issues specific to the Northeast, like the heroin crisis in New Hampshire.

Ted Cruz for Christ

From The Dallas Morning News:

KEENE, N.H. — Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign for president has featured strong references to faith and Christianity, which he says will help restore the country to greatness.

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The Texas senator and son of a Carrollton pastor is sticking to religion, even in New Hampshire. The voting population there is heavy with libertarians and is not as influenced by evangelicals as the small towns in Iowa, where Cruz has had success in the polls.

“For too long there has been a spirit of fear and timidity in Washington,” Cruz told The Dallas Morning News on the second day of his New Hampshire tour. “We should not be ashamed of Christ. We should be willing to speak the truth with a smile.”

Cruz said the nation must return to its Judeo-Christian roots.

“Pulling this country back from the cliff we’re facing will require us remembering who we are, rediscovering those values that built America in the first place,” he said.

That has been Cruz’s mantra for months, and along the way he’s climbed in the polls for what’s fast becoming a two-way race with New York businessman Donald Trump.

Cruz reiterated that he would build a wall on the southern border. This is something Cruz has promoted long before Trump did, just not as loudly. Along with the wall, the U.S. senator from Texas would triple border patrols, establish an e-verify system for employers, develop a biometric entry-exit system for visas and enforce existing laws. Cruz, for the first time publicly, criticized Trump’s support of eminent domain. The practice, in which a government can take property, is a big issue in libertarian-leaning New Hampshire. “We have the right to protect the property of Americans,” Cruz said in Whitefield, N.H. “Private property is essential to the rights of Americans.” At every point on his tour, Cruz asked voters to pray for him and the country, using one of Ronald Reagan’s favorite Bible verses, 2 Chronicles 7:14, as inspiration. “If my people, which are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their prayers and will forgive their sins and I will heal their land,” he said. Trump leads by a wide margin in New Hampshire, but many are leaning towards Cruz. We’ll see how it plays out.

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