Cruz vs. Trump: Donald Trump Goes on Twitter Rampage Against Cruz – Ted Fires Back

Cruz vs. Trump: Donald Trump Goes on Twitter Rampage Against Cruz – Ted Fires Back

Donald Trump had a literal meltdown earlier today and attacked Ted Cruz on Twitter. I guess the honeymoon is over. Too bad, they would have gone well together. Ted Cruz mocked him for it. His retort was epic:


So, the gloves have come off and now Trump is slinging mud as fast as he can. He’s claiming Cruz is not a US citizen which is just ludicrous. He’s claiming that Cruz took loans he has not declared, which is also not true. Trump says that Cruz is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs. Why? Because his wife used to work there? Also bull crap. I used to work for Lionel, Sawyer and Collins and Harry Reid doesn’t own me. Ted is living rent free in Trump’s head and it is driving him nuts. Everyone knows what Cruz meant on New York values… he was referring to commies like de Blasio and Bloomberg. Get a grip man before you implode.

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From The RightScoop:

Earlier we posted the frenzied tweetstorm that the Donald had flung at Ted Cruz, and how Cruz posted a pretty funny response, and Mark Levin warned Trump to cut the crap.

But this is Trump, so he ain’t taking advice from nobody:


Maybe because they believe in other things too? That’s kinda how you do politics – you prioritize your political preferences, because unless you’re an unthinking mindless zombie, you’re never going to agree 100% with a politician. Oh wait.. that reminds me of…


What the hell? Is he really saying Ted Cruz should be kicked out of politics? He’s going rabid foaming at the mouth!!! Call a medic!!!

Everyone needs to take a breath here. This is exactly what the leftists and the RINOs want guys. For you to be at each other’s throats. Trump is floating Scott Brown as a VP now. Seriously? Brown is a Progressive and a stone cold stupid pick for VP. We are getting close to the Iowa caucus and I still expect Ted Cruz to win it. Trump needs to consider his attacks, words and choices out there very carefully now. Run on the issues, not each other and lay off the Twitter attacks. I’ll leave you with what Mark Levin had to say – he nailed it:


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