CT Senate Race Gets ‘Retarded’ Over Wrestling Queen’s Shows

Retard-gate is growing, apparently, and it’s coming to the Connecticut Senate race over the mistreatment of a developmentally disabled wrestling character that Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s entertainment company created in 2004.

For those of you unaware, wrestling queen Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is running for the Senate in Connecticut against conservative Rob Simmons.

As it happens, starting in 2004 McMahon’s wrestling shows once featured what was presented as a mentally handicapped wrestler who was stage named “Eugene.” Through the course of this character’s story arc he was savagely beaten in a “cage match,” and was regularly verbally abused by other characters.

For her part, McMahon claims that the character was written as a “hero” that was supposed to inspire “other people with disabilities to strive to achieve their dreams.”

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However, McMahon’s opponent Rob Simmons begs to differ. He thinks that the wrestling show mistreated what was presented as a developmentally disabled adult and used him as the butt of jokes. Simmons is calling for McMahon to be held to account for using the developmentally disabled story line.

Simmons might also have an even stronger case, though, if he focuses on the facts surrounding the “Eugene” character. The truth is, the man that played the character, Nicholas Dinsmore, is not developmentally disabled at all. He is just another actor involved in the wrestling scene.

So, not only did McMahon make a character based on a mentally handicapped person, she didn’t even hire one to do the job! If someone wants to get outraged at the portrayal of a mentally retarded person as a fool, as a joke, and as someone that gets savagely beaten, I’d think that this “Eugene” character is ripe for causing outrage.

This wrestling character makes the off-the-cuff remark by Rahm Emanuel, the presidential advisor who called the strategy ideas he heard offered by his fellow Democrats a bunch of “f—ing retarded” ideas, seem mild. Compared to the treatment of the mentally disabled that McMahon perpetrated in her wrestling shows, saying something was “f—ing retarded” is nothing.

So, if everyone can get all upset over Emanuel’s goofy comment, what will they do when they see that McMahon’s shows had a “retard” being regularly beaten to a pulp and laughed at?

This could liven up the Connecticut race, for sure.

This isn’t the last time that McMahon has courted controversy in this race, either. She came on strong early in the race claiming to be the prefect example of the conservative candidate. But it soon came to light that during her years as a wrestling magnate she gave lots of political donations to Democrats. In fact, speaking of Rahm Emanuel, he was one of the Democrats to which McMahon donated campaign cash.

I guess those bashers of the “retarded” like to stick together!

For your edification, here is a video of wrestler “Tripple H” beating “Eugene” senseless.

Also in the Connecticut Senate race… and who knows why… is one Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. and former adviser to Ron Paul. This guy can’t get higher than 5% in the polls, though, so it’s a wonder that he’s not yet quit the race.

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