David Frum To Leave The GOP If Either Huntsman Or Romney Isn’t Nominated?

In what may be the most terrifying threat to Republicans since Helen Thomas said she’d kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for President, David Frum has pulled out the BIG GUNS. Steel yourself, Republicans, because if you choose someone other than Romney or Huntsman, you may not have David Frum to kick around anymore.

The Washington, D.C., primary is set for April 3. I’ll probably cast a vote that day for Huntsman, if only to show support for a brave and independent-minded candidate – and in hope that a strong Huntsman showing will be interpreted as a call for a more modern and inclusive Republican party.

If Mitt Romney emerges as the ultimate nominee, I’ll place my hope that the Romney who enters the Oval Office will be the innovative, solutions-oriented Romney 1.0 – and not the placate-every-GOP-interest-group Romney 3.0 we’ve seen on the 2011 campaign trail.

Any other nominee would gravely test my commitment to the political party I’ve supported since I entered the United States as a college student in the fall of 1978.

No, no, no! This cannot stand! Every voter in the Republican primary must now immediately shift his allegiance to Jon Huntsman or Mitt Romney lest we risk losing the GOP’s most cherished asset, David Frum. I can almost see him now, lip crinkled in disgust, as he criticizes other Republicans incessantly and apologizes for liberals. If you could ask him about it, I’m sure he’d say, “It hurts me more than it does you, to have to say these things, but I must undercut the Republican Party for its own good!” I ask you, my fellow Republicans, can we afford to lose such a man forever to the Democrats? Sure, we’d still have Meghan McCain and Joe Scarborough to toady for their liberal masters, but could we stand the loss of a legend-in-his-own-mind like David Frum? Frum apparently thinks not….

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