Dear Voters, Vote For Romney, You Idiots. Love, the Establishment GOP

Apparently, Mitt Romney and his surrogates want you to know that you should not vote your conscience or your principles this primary election. You should vote for Mitt Romney, instead. That is the message from Romney surrogate State Senator Gary Lambert in New Hampshire, anyway.

“This is not about picking your favorite, it’s not about picking someone you like. It’s not about picking someone even with your own beliefs and principles. This is about picking a person that can beat Barack Obama, period,” Lambert said at the Nashua New Hampshire Republican City Committee meeting on Friday.

We shouldn’t be voting for candidates with whom we agree on the issues? We shouldn’t be picking our “favorite”? What about principle? What about important policy issues? Aw, fergit it all. Never mind Romney’s long liberal political record. Never mind his near daily flip flops on the issues. Never mind his disdain for Reagan and the Tea Party movement. Never mind his claim that he’ really a “progressive” politician. Just vote Mitt, you dolts!

So, what exactly do we need all these messy darn elections for in the first place, then? If big chiefs like Lambert have already decided for us who is the guy why do we need to bother voting at all, eh? We have the big thinkers and genius politicos like Lambert to do the thinking for us, after all. We should just sit back and let the elites like Lambert run our lives for us because, heck, we all is jess tooo stoopit ta do it fer r-selves.

New Hampshire State Senator Gary Lambert is the kind of east coast, establishment, Rockefeller Republican that rank and file Republicans hate, and for good reason. He is an arrogant cuss that imagines you should shut up and do what he says. And he says shut up and vote for Mitt.

Lambert, who recently announced he will not be running for reelection, did not help Mitt Romney’s reputation at all here. Romney is desperate to reach rank-and-file voters but this is not helping him do that. Romney has softened his button-down image by appearing frequently without a suit jacket, he’s allowed his usually well coiffed hair to get mussed, and he’s tried to appear more like an every man. But his reputation as the candidate being forced on the GOP by establishment minders has not been erased. Lambert brought it all roaring right back to the fore with his poorly worded attempt to come to Romney’s support.

CNS News got the scoop:

Gary Lambert is the worst example of the sort of arrogant GOP elites. These are the kind of people that the Party would be well advised to keep in the background, far, far away from microphones. Better yet, let’s just not elect these sort of ignoratti to office in the first place.

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