Deserter Bergdahl’s Attorney: Donald Trump Calling Him A “Dirty, Rotten Traitor” Prevents Fair Trial

Deserter Bergdahl’s Attorney: Donald Trump Calling Him A “Dirty, Rotten Traitor” Prevents Fair Trial

Let the legal whining begin. His attorney will look for any opportunity he can to set up some kind of defense for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Donald Trump is a convenient excuse for an attorney who has no defense for what his worthless client has done. Bergdahl got at least eight men killed looking for his sorry, no good ass as well. Murder charges would be pending in a sane world, along with desertion and treason. In truth, Bergdahl is a “dirty, rotten traitor.” Trump is just calling it like he sees it and Bergdahl’s poor attorney just can’t take it anymore. Deal with it. Not only were good men killed trying to get this scum back, Obama exchanged five of the worst terrorists from Gitmo to get him back. Bergdahl deserves far worse than he will ever get.

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From Weasel Zippers:

Bergdahl should have also been charged with eight counts of murder.

Via Stars and Stripes

The attorney for Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant accused of deserting his base in Afghanistan before he was taken prisoner by the Taliban, says presidential candidate Donald Trump’s criticism of his client threatens Bergdahl’s ability to get a fair trial.

In a statement released Thursday, attorney Eugene Fidell said Trump’s derision of Bergdahl as a “dirty, rotten traitor” was “contemptible and un-American” and threatened to color the opinions of jurors in a potential court-martial.

“Sergeant Bergdahl is not charged with treason or anything like it,” Fidell said, condemning “Mr. Trump’s reckless disregard for the truth.”

Bergdahl, who is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, faces an investigative hearing in September, which will decide whether his case should be referred to trial.

Bergdahl was released by Taliban fighters last year in a controversial prisoner swap that included the release of five Taliban militants held in the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was captured in 2009 after he abruptly left his base.

Soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit said he had no plans to return. Fidell has said Bergdahl was trying to draw attention to problems inside the base.

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Bergdahl had no plans to return to his unit once he deserted. He actively sought out the enemy and consorted with them to kill Americans. It doesn’t get any more treasonous than that. His attorneys say that the prevailing attitude against their client is one of a lynch mob. Darn tootin’ it is. For what he’s done, he should be executed. At a town hall in New Hampshire this week, Trump claimed that U.S. service members died while searching for Bergdahl. His attorney, Fidell, said the candidate was “misinformed.” Really? How so? There are eight grieving families that would strongly disagree and call that bottom feeding attorney a liar. The five years he claims that Bergdahl suffered at the hands of our enemies, were five years he voluntarily agreed to. When he left the Taliban, they treated him like a favored son and wished him well. Of course, he also converted to Islam. And throwing out there that Trump has never served… that’s just a legalistic red herring. It’s a trick of argumentation favored by slimy attorneys. Trump has done as much for this country arguably in business as he could have done on any battlefield and the military love him. You can’t say that about Obama. The only ‘fair’ trial that Bergdahl deserves is one that makes him pay the ultimate price for treason.

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