Despite Our “Millennial” Situation, THIS Young Conservative Proves There’s Still Hope For Our Nation!

Despite Our “Millennial” Situation, THIS Young Conservative Proves There’s Still Hope For Our Nation!

Sometimes you meet someone who just gives you hope for the Republic and for Americans in general. Lloyd Marcus went to a Ted Cruz rally in Carson City, Nevada… that’s my old home base and hopefully, I’ll be returning there next year. He met a young man named Chris and asked him why he was supporting Ted Cruz. Chris told Lloyd that he likes Cruz because he is a constitutionalist. Chris intends to go college and doesn’t want free education or anything else. He wants to work for and earn what he receives. That’s the way it should be. Lloyd wonders how Chris escaped being indoctrinated by liberals. Maybe the same way I did… I was surrounded in college by those who wanted to turn me towards Marxism. But some of us are cut from a different cloth and Chris strikes me as just such a person.

Ted Cruz

From Clash Daily:

Several young people were standing in line waiting to get into the Ted Cruz rally in Carson City, Nevada. I approached one of them. “Excuse me. Sanders attracts millennials. What made you choose Cruz?” Chris said he really likes Cruz’s respect for the Constitution. Chris went on to say he disagrees with Sanders’ free tuition proposal. Chris said he works and does not want government taking huge chunks of his money to pay for people who neither want nor deserve to go to college. Chris has plans for college. He also said he is not looking for free stuff from the government.

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Folks, talk about refreshing. My mind was filled with questions. How did Chris escape liberal indoctrination? Where was he educated? What do his parents do for a living? However, the line began moving as people filed into the hall.

Allowing liberal indoctrination to dominate public education and our culture has really infected the thinking of many Americans. According to a recent poll, almost 60% of Democrats think Socialism would be great for America. Socialism is horse hockey folks; mediocrity spread equally. Real fairness, prosperity, individual liberty and true compassion resides in Capitalism.

This young man recognizes a true conservative when he sees one. Someone who wants smaller government, less spending and more national security. That’s Ted Cruz. He’s also a man of faith and a good person. He is what this country so desperately needs… not a reality show or a cult of personality. A real president, who is quietly strong when he needs to be and a man of the people always. Liberalism has been poisonous to this country. It is strangling us using our own freedoms. There are a very few who can maneuver that narrow channel that follows the vision of the Founding Fathers, while deftly steering the ship of our country. Those very few are quietly dignified with spines and nerves of steel. I may not get my wish this time around… America has gone populist. But Ted Cruz would save this nation and restore her to the Reagan era of prosperity. That is why I have always believed in Ted Cruz and I always will. So does Chris and that gives me great hope for the future.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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