Disgraced Plagiarist Fareed Zkaria: White People are Dying and Trump Can’t Save You!

Disgraced Plagiarist Fareed Zkaria: White People are Dying and Trump Can’t Save You!

Wanna bet? Renowned serial plagiarist Fareed Zakaria comes forward citing a study that claims that middle American whites are dying in ever increasing numbers and he just can’t contain his joy over the prospect. What’s more, he gleefully states that Donald Trump can’t save us. What? Is he auditioning for some uber villain now? Sure looks that way… wonder if he stole those lines as well. Not bad for a two-bit evil, racist Marxist. He celebrates that whites seem to be killing themselves off and are depressed. That they are substance abusing losers who should just off themselves and be done with it. You first, dirtbag.


From Breitbart:

Citing a study that shows Middle American whites are dying in increasing numbers, like a twisted and bitter eugenicist, serial-plagiarist Fareed Zakaria doesn’t even attempt to contain his glee. By painting those who are supposedly dying as useless, drug-addicted ragers, he paints a picture of a weak, angry, and ultimately stupid ethnic group getting what it deserves.

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If this were any other group, Zakaria would not be using the pages of the Washington Post for a victory dance. Instead, he would be launching an emotional blackmail campaign to cure this “epidemic” with hundreds of billions of federal dollars. Like most of the elite media, though, Zakaria despises Middle America, so he joyously assumes the study is accurate and bloodlessly screams “Told You So!”

The headline says it all: “America’s Self-Destructive Whites,” and naturally the opening paragraph contains the words “Donald” and “Trump.”

Why is Middle America killing itself? The fact itself is probably the most important social science finding in years. It is already reshaping American politics. The Post’s Jeff Guo notes that the people who make up this cohort are “largely responsible for Donald Trump’s lead in the race for the Republican nomination for president.”

Zakaria’s celebration of the death of middle white America is seriously premature. Fareed also blames those who support Donald Trump for the death of middle America. What a bunch of trollish lies. He is right about one thing, the rage dominating US politics will get worse until the Progressives are ousted once and for all. I personally believe that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are just the men we need to clean house politically. Zakaria goes on to insinuate that we are a bunch of neanderthals that are behind the technology curve of the rest of the world. Funny… we created that technology he speaks of. He sounds confused to me… nope, he’s just lying. His answer to all the angst in America is to implement a more ‘generous’ welfare state like Europe has. Europe who is collapsing from within because of the refugee crisis and their unbridled doling out of entitlements. Yeah, we should definitely hop on board that suicide train. Zakaria: “Donald Trump has promised that he will change this and make them win again. But he can’t. No one can. And deep down, they know it.” Really? That’s another lie and one that will be stomped on this next year. I’ll close with the epic John Nolte’s quote – because it is just perfect: “Speaking only for myself, I’d rather die young in Middle America than as an old metrosexual, content-thieving, throne-sniffing, left-wing elitist so lacking in humanity that I not only gloat over racially-focused studies involving premature death, but like Joseph Goebbels, I openly spread the word that this is good news.” Ditto.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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