Donald Trump Takes Nasty Shot At Carly Fiorina

Sexism, or just Donald being a jerk?

(The Hill) Donald Trump on Sunday took a shot at fellow 2016 GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, saying you “develop a massive headache” if you listen to the former Hewlett-Packard CEO.

“I just realized that if you listen to Carly Fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache,” he tweeted. “She has zero chance!”

This was after Carly! blasted Donald over his supposed remarks towards women, which culminated with

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I think you cannot have a president who is thin-skinned,” she added. “If you think a question is tough, imagine the pressure of actually being in the Oval Office.”

We’ve already had over 6 years of one super thin-skinned POTUS. Do we need another one?

Here’s a question for Trump supporters, who, quite frankly, are trending towards the way the unhinged Ron Paul supporters acted: what are Trump’s policies? He’s made some nice noise about securing the border (and then providing full amnesty for all the illegals). What else is he proposing? He likes to get into a lot of bitching matches. So far, his campaign is mostly bright lights, but someone forgot to actually play the music.

BTW, Liberals like to say Carly! is a failure because of what happened with HP. What do they think about Obama, who has presided over a weak economy, one of the worst recoveries ever, record numbers of people giving up on finding a job, all the people working low paying, and often part time, jobs, etc and so on?

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