Donald vs the DC Machine – Everybody hates Trump (Intellectual Froglegs)

Donald vs the DC Machine – Everybody hates Trump  (Intellectual Froglegs)

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CPPWb2XU8AAuMjeDonald Trump said his renovation of the DC Post Office is under budget and ahead of schedule—and I think it’s fair to say the same applies to the businessman’s first political campaign.

With a fraction of the staff of other campaigns—Trump, the straight-talking non-politician continues to steamroll the competition and dominate the polls. And this is despite the establishment’s best efforts to destroy the man.

Look no further than the the CNN Jerry Springer debate.  44% of the questions were about Donald Trump…26 of the question actually contained the name “Donald Trump” and 18 of those 26 questions were asked to other candidates.

But even with full-blown attacks from both political parties and from ALL of the mainstream media sources…the Donald seems to keep moving forward.   Trump is working.

donald-trump-cartoon-luckovichDonald Trump issued a Second Amendment position paper Friday calling for expanding gun rights, stating further that ‘CONCEALED CARRY A RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE’—-lol… you read that right.  Of course liberal and rinos heads are exploding.

He release his position paper on Immigration a couple of weeks ago.

This from the man that his critics say ‘offers no details’…

And now in light of the recent “Obama was accused of being Muslim fiasco’ Donald is now coming out in defense of Christianity.

Although none on the level of The Donald—I have had the pleasure of knowing a couple of successful world-class businessmen…  These guys are not political— they can walk into a room of liberals or conservatives…and walk away with a victory.  Yet for some reason,  the political folks cannot grasp this concept of the ‘apolitical’

Well… as things continue to heat up—it’s going to be anything but boring.

It’s also interesting to note that there seems to be an unspoken bond between Trump, Cruz and Carson—  This may prove to be significant.

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