Every one of you can be primaried

To every Republican in the House and the Senate who does not do his/her utmost to defeat Team Amnesty:


Do you remember what happened to the Vichy, the French who were Nazi helpers, when France was liberated in 1945? Oh that’s right, you don’t. Otherwise you might have paid a little more attention to what Americans and voters are saying right now.

Americans, contrary to you and contrary to your perception of Americans, are neither stupid nor uninformed. And there’s this whole RAGE thing that you seem to be blissfully unaware of. It’s huge, and it’s getting even bigger. Just because regular patriotic Americans don’t riot, don’t demonstrate, don’t “occupy”, and don’t organize and automate phone-bank operations to astro-turf your offices, and just because the commie press does not cover it, does not mean it’s not there.

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Americans despise what the Democrats are doing. Even the left-leaning polls show that. But what you can’t get into your heads is that they despise even more the Republicans they sent to stop them. You have no idea.

But you will.

There is no cover for you. Every fig leaf vote you make, we know it’s a fig leaf. Every time you defeat an enforcement-first provision; every time you vote yes on cloture but no on the vote; every deal you make; every surrender; every time you fail to do your utmost; all of those seal your doom.

You see what you want to see, I suppose. But we don’t care about your career. We don’t give one hoot “how it works in Washington”. If Ted Cruz can stand up and confound the Democrats, then every one of you can be a Ted Cruz. Perhaps you think he’s as unpopular in Texas as he is among you, and among the local press. Hah!

From your vantage point, the Tea Party is dead. Perhaps the official Tea Party founders. But the tea party spirit is not only alive, but growing.

The sense of rage over Obamacare is not just a conservative thing anymore. The corruption, the electoral tampering, the IRS, the EPA, Fast & Furious, the NSA snooping on all Americans, all of those are snowballing into an American rejection of the Democrat Party. And when Americans see you, Republicans, surrendering on every issue, they see you as Democrat Lite.

They see you as collaborators with the despised enemy. And they’re right.

And if you help this horrific, America-killing Team Amnesty bill, nobody will remember that you voted for one of the 20 Obamacare repeal bills. Nobody will remember that you asked tough questions of the IRS crooks, or the Benghazi liars, or that you primped and preened for the cameras about your supposed conservatism. This bill is a career-ender for you.

And by the way, Haley Barbour, I’m about to out you. Tokyo Rose.

Unlike 2010, the anti-establishment movement is much bigger, and worse for you, much smarter. More primary candidates will be vetted, but I predict that there will still be Christine McDonnells out there. They might lose in the general election, but they’ll beat you.

Here’s another thing you are forgetting. The Vichy French had the Nazis to protect them as long as the Nazis were in power.

I don’t think the Democrats can protect you in a primary.

This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.

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