FIGHT! Laura Ingraham Reportedly Sets Sights On Tim Kaine’s Senate Seat

FIGHT! Laura Ingraham Reportedly Sets Sights On Tim Kaine’s Senate Seat

Rumor has it that Laura Ingraham is gearing up to challenge Tim Kaine for his Senate seat in Virginia. In fact, her business partner is already buying up domains in anticipation of her run. She would enter a crowded field and give Kaine a real run for his money. Carly Fiorina is also said to be preparing to run against Kaine. If I were him, I’d be very, very worried right about now. I consider both of these women more than qualified to stomp the ever loving crap out of Kaine. Good times.

Tim Kaine came into the national spotlight as Hillary Clinton’s VP pick. He’s a stone cold Marxist that has a real soft spot for Islamists. He’s a freaking nightmare. Ingraham is well known in Virginia and DC. She is a famous conservative voice and face and she has been a staunch supporter of President-elect Donald Trump from the beginning. Many are surprised that she is not part of his Cabinet. But there’s more than one avenue to be a political force to be reckoned with and it looks like she’s eyeing this one.


From Breitbart:

Conservative talk radio personality Laura Ingraham is eyeing a Senate run in Virginia to challenge Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, the Washington Examiner reports.

Sources say that several party insiders have approached her with the subject and she is considering it.

Peter Anthony, Ingraham’s business partner, has already snatched up several website domains in preparation for her Senate run, such as,, and

Ingraham did not comment on the rumored run.

Ingraham is well-known in Virginia and inside the Washington, D.C. beltway, brings a wealth of media experience to the table. In addition to her radio show, she heads up news site, is a Fox News contributor, and is a New York Times bestselling author, the Blaze reports.

Ingraham, if she chooses to mount a bid, will face a crowded primary field.

So far, Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA), Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA), and Carly Fiorina are all reportedly exploring runs for the Senate seat.

Dave Brat will also be a serious conservative contender against Kaine. If all of these Republican titans decide to run in Virginia, it’s going to be a very heated race. In the end it will be Kaine that gets burned though. And rightly so. I think Virginia is looking to go in a new direction… one that doesn’t involve progressives.

Dubbed the queen of conservative talk radio, Laura Ingraham is sheer political will and a driving force. She’s brilliant, aggressive and personable. She would bring several influential backers to a race that could translate into immediate media and fundraising opportunities. Money and media are always the deciding factors in these races and Ingraham knows how to play the game. Ingraham, a Fox News contributor and former Supreme Court clerk, is also a New York Times bestselling author who has earned a reputation for delivering political beat downs and zingers. Now, she wants in the ring with Kaine.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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