FORGERY: Beverly Young Nelson And Gloria Allred Presented ‘Notes’ As Roy Moore’s Own Writing [VIDEO]

FORGERY: Beverly Young Nelson And Gloria Allred Presented ‘Notes’ As Roy Moore’s Own Writing [VIDEO]

Somebody should be charged over this and it’s not Judge Roy Moore. Yesterday, Beverly Young Nelson stood with Gloria Allred and admitted she forged part of the inscription on the yearbook they refuse to produce. They presented the notes written as Moore’s own writing. It was obvious from the beginning that was a lie. Two different inks were used, the handwriting doesn’t match Moore’s and Nelson added the initials of Moore’s clerk, who would not work for him until years later. Liberal websites objected to Breitbart calling it a forgery. But that’s what it was.

Young claims that the yearbook is some kind of flimsy evidence that Moore sexually assaulted her 40 years ago when she was 16 years-old. Her own family didn’t believe this nonsense. Politifact labeled Breitbart’s claim as “Pants on Fire” and Facebook has even attached a pop-up warning to a Breitbart article about the forgery. I truly don’t understand why. It is the truth and they know it. The woman is admitting it for Pete’s sake!

Nelson is still claiming that Moore signed the yearbook, but has now said that some of the writing is hers. That would make her a liar and a forger. It blows her credibility to hell and back as well. Perhaps people are vague on the definition of forgery. Per Black’s Law Dictionary: “forgery, n. 1. The act of fraudulently making a false document or altering a real one to be used as if genuine … 2. A false or altered document made to look genuine by someone with the intent to deceive … 3. Under the Model Penal Code, the act of fraudulently altering, authenticating, issuing, or transferring a writing without appropriate authorization.” I think that is very clear.

If any part of a document is doctored, altered or forged, for legal purposes it is not acceptable in a court of law. It impinges the credibility of the witness. Originally, Nelson and Allred claimed that the full signature and inscription was Moore’s. That has now been proven to be a falsehood. “He wrote in my yearbook, as follows: ‘To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, Old Hickory House.”‘ And he signed it, ‘Roy Moore D.A.’” As I stated, “D.A.” does not stand for district attorney. Moore was a deputy district attorney at the time – those are the initials of his clerk from almost a decade later.

Allred did the same thing: “Mr. Moore’s signature appears because he signed her yearbook, and we have provided you with copies [inaudible]. Oh, here it is. OK, this is what we gave you as a copy, wherein he says he signed it to her — well, he didn’t give her name, but he said: ‘To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say “Merry Christmas.” Christmas 1977.’ — hold the other end, please, thank you — ‘Love, Roy Moore’ — oh, excuse me — ‘Love, Roy Moore, D.A.,12-22-77, Old Hickory House.’” It turned out later that Allred would refuse to produce the yearbook to be examined. Now we know why. Gloria Allred should be disbarred over all this immediately.

I have no idea if the actual signature is Moore’s or not, but the inscription is forged making the entire entry a forgery per its definition. I actually doubt the veracity of that being Moore’s signature at all. And frankly, signing a yearbook does not indicate you are a sexual deviant. Breibart got this one right.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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