GOP Electile Dysfunction

Debates and Straw poles!

As Primary party time approacheth, the recent confab of GOPeabodies sparked some serious reflective belt quizes about the seemingly inherent “Great Satan Come Home” meme.

As GsGf’s nat’l security legislative chief and Armed Services and Intelligence committee cat (oh! He got game bay bee!) shares –when it comes to a possible future 45 this electile cycle, 45 will

“…:  Execute military and foreign policy. The chief diplomat and commander-in-chief is neither legislator nor jurist. Following the example of America’s first president, he is to be “first in peace, and first in war.” He is America’s hand in the world: sometimes open, warmly inviting a friendly shake; sometimes clenched in a fist; and sometimes concealed.

“…You wouldn’t know that from watching the Ames debate, Courtney. Military and foreign policy issues weren’t even raised until the second half of it.

There’s too much at stake to get off track:

A congressional “super committee” is set to “gut our military” (as that Newt Guy said) by making between $400 billion and $1 trillion in cuts;

Great Satan is involved in a “limited kinetic operation” (as former Def SecGates put it) with Libya sans congressional authorization;

Ten years of fighting in Afghanistan may culminate in a precipitous, politically motivated withdrawal;

Iraq’s political progress remains fragile and reversible;

Syrian Dr. General President for Life Bashar Bay Bee is slaughtering his own people;

The Collectivist Chinese navy has sortee’d sea trials for her first blue-water aircraft carrier;

Persia is continuing to enrich uranium and may be able to strike Great Satan’s homeland with a ballistic missile by 2015.

Those issues alone are easily enough to gobble up an entire presidential debate.

And they are also by hap hap happy chance enough to drive half or more of a Presidential campaign

Who or what could add some much needed stiffness on foreign affairs, policies and events au courant?: 

Waxing the coolest stash ever ( j’ever notice he looks an awful lot like the “I Am The Walrus” guy with those goo goo ga joob granny glasses?) may appear to have zero chance to snatch FoPo into the drivers seat with all the jank about domestic issues.

Yet l’stache grand can sho deal some vital meds!

“We need a real President in the Oval Office, someone who knows instinctively and by experience that, as Adam Smith said, “the first duty of the sovereign” is to protect and promote American sovereignty and national security. Otherwise, economic prosperity will count for little.

“To date, in my view, no Republican candidate has persuasively argued that our economic recovery and long-term prosperity are completely intertwined with a strong national security posture. If no one else is prepared to make that case, I will.

Enter the Lone Star state cat:: 

“He’s a cowboy! You have to assume he’d shoot first and ask questions later — which would be nice after four years of a leading from behind, too little too late foreign policy.”: 


“Gov Perry will distinguish himself from other Republicans as a hawk internationalist, embracing American exceptionalism and the unique role we must play in confronting the many threats we face”


Regardless of the tempting temptationing sirens song of isolationism (often risibly camouflaged as something something “Off Shore Balancing”) – Great Satan essentially cannot abandon the world she herself hath wrought – no matter how refreshing a vacation holiday sounds.

Just like Spider – Man, with all this great power came great responsibilities. It’s a fact Jack – whether sought after, wanted, welcomed or not.

A lot like the armies of attention attracting sporty shorties at the mall that demand, deflect and encouragingly discourage players.

And, just like those delightfully assetted little hottie drama magnets, Great Satan will find opportunities to use it – or the world will discover opportunities for Great Satan to use it.

Pic – “Get down to the biz of the presidency: conducting foreign affairs.”

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