GOP Push To Repeal ObamaCare Will Resume Next Week

Via the Washington Post, which reports that it will happen with a so-called ‘more civil tone’ (hat tip):

House Republican leaders said Thursday that they will begin their effort to repeal the new health-care law next week, a return to normal legislative business after the shootings in Arizona suspended activity on Capitol Hill.

But no one quite knows what normal will look like, following a wrenching week in which members confronted concerns about their own safety and whether their heated rhetoric played any role in last Saturday’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and 18 others.

As Giffords recovers in a Tucson hospital, many of her colleagues in Washington said they plan to change the tone in the House, a body that has served as the epicenter of caustic political debate for the past 20 years.

“It doesn’t mean the issues go away, it doesn’t mean that the positions on those issues change, but yes, this is going to affect everybody,” said Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.).

House Republicans had envisioned repealing the health-care law as a triumphant moment – a chance to vote down legislation that helped inspire the tea party movement.

Instead the effort has become a test of whether Republican leaders can regain the momentum of their big November midterm election wins and fulfill a campaign promise without the rancor that has marked almost every other health-care debate.

Er – isn’t this “civility” thing a two-way street, WaPo? Yes, I do believe it is. The WaPo doesn’t directly accuse the GOP of being the ones who caused the “rancor” but they certainly insinuate it. Yet, who were the ones who took the demagoguery to a new low level by trying to trash and vilify opponents of ObamaCare for the last 2 years? Yeah, we know who. This demagoguery, I should note, was sanctioned, blessed – and encouraged – by the Obama White House.

As I posted at Twitter a little bit ago, the Democrat definition of “civility” is ‘Republicans shut up while we say whatever we want, no matter how untruthful.’ I don’t want “civility” if that’s what this “call for civility” amounts to. Republicans and Democrats have very serious differences in opinion on ObamaCare, and the debates about them should remain passionate – minus the false accusations of “racism” and “violent hate” from the left & MSM that have dominated the political landscape since even before our celebrity President was sworn into office.

I hope GOP leaders aren’t duped into believing Democrats in Congress really want a true “civil” debate about ObamaCare. We’ll find out one way or the other next week.

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