It’s Happening! Attempt by #NeverTrump Delegates to Oust Trump to Go to Convention Floor

It’s Happening! Attempt by #NeverTrump Delegates to Oust Trump to Go to Convention Floor

Could the RNC be the end of Trump’s run for the Presidency? #NeverTrump delegates are claiming that they have the support necessary to force a roll-call vote, but are angry that their voices are not being heard.


From Politico:

Cleveland — Chaos broke out at the Republican National Convention after Republican leaders blocked a full floor vote on the convention rules.

Critics of Donald Trump had attempted to force the vote and submitted the signatures they believed were necessary to do so, but after holding a voice vote on the rules, Rep. Steve Womack declared the rules approved and moved on.

Womack left the stage amid an uproar, only to return to the stage moments later for a second voice vote. He again declared that the ‘ayes’ had won, again to protests from the crowd.

Forcing a roll call vote requires support from the majorities of seven delegations. Anti-Trump delegates submitted what they said were a majority of signatures from at least 9: Colorado, Washington state, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The also claimed that Alaska had provided signatures as well.

But Womack, after the second voice vote, said on stage that three states had withdrawn from the roll call effort, leaving it short of the support needed.

The vote thwarted and the convention rules deemed approved, the convention moved on to a discussion of the official party platform.

The anti-Trump delegates opposed the rules and hoped to vote them down in the roll call vote. Their ultimate goal is to get a new set of rules that allow delegates to vote against Trump even if they are pledged to him based on the results of their state’s primary or caucus rules, though they appear unlikely to have the votes to do either.

Forcing a vote on the rules would have temporarily thrown the convention into a lobbying frenzy, with delegates hoping to deny Trump the nomination work to convince a majority of the convention’s 2,472 delegates to reject the party’s rules and adopt new language that would help them sideline Trump.

Should the #NeverTrump delegates be able to voice their objections?

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