Head of GOP Makes THIS Shocking Admission About Dumping Trump

Head of GOP Makes THIS Shocking Admission About Dumping Trump

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus shot dead the idea of a third party candidate in the GOP. Why? It can split the vote and guarantee Clinton the presidency. But let’s take a look at what he says, then try to understand WHY there is even talk of a third party run.


From the Washington Examiner:

“They may as well jump off the top floor of a building because that’s what we’d be doing by having a third party,” Priebus told Reuters in an interview published Friday.

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The comments come as rumors fly over efforts within the Republican Party to put forth a third party candidate to thwart presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Priebus, who met with Trump this week, emphasized that a third party run hurt the GOP’s majority in the Senate.

“If you don’t participate in the presidential election you might as well kiss away the Senate as well,” Priebus said. “The Senate goes as the presidential race goes. They’re inextricably intertwined.”

Guess what Priebus? You and your ilk will be responsible for a 3rd party candidate taking a large portion of the votes. Why? The ones we are voting for are the REAL conservatives, the REAL republicans that should have been represented first in your damn party. Instead you, Boehner, McConnell, TRUMP (the liberal) and all the other phony conservatives abused your power only to succumb to the wishes of Obama and the left.

You all hate true conservatism and only practice a form of it to win votes, win reelection and to win more power. Winning is all you want. Not principles. Those conservative principles will be used once, then discarded if deemed necessary. Your so-called ‘big tent’ party has stood for nothing but progressive-ism for decades. So, what better party for progressive independents and disenfranchised democrats is there? That’s fine. They can take our spot.

Quality should always be sought before quantity and you lost what very little quality that your miserable party had left with this last primary. Principled conservatives will find another home and another candidate to vote our conscience – something you may have lost along the way.

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