Heckler Shouts “Illegal Immigrants Are The Backbone Of The U.S.!” – THEN Trump Gives EPIC Response!

Heckler Shouts “Illegal Immigrants Are The Backbone Of The U.S.!” – THEN Trump Gives EPIC Response!

This is the Donald Trump that people originally loved and followed. Not the petulant, vicious version of the last few days. His attacks on Cruz really hurt him in the polls as well. In the space of one day, his numbers fell between 9 and 13 points in the polls. Now, when asked about Cruz, he jokes and says it’s not important. On to New Hampshire! A troll in the audience yelled out that illegal aliens were the backbone of this country. Trump quipped back, “I don’t think so, darling.” Then he said that people who came here legally are the backbone of America and they worked their “a** off. Agreed.

Trump Heckler

From BizPac Review:

After suffering an unexpected defeat in Iowa, Donald Trump has picked up the pieces and is steamrolling through New Hampshire in his usual brash manner in an attempt to win its February 9 primary.

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At an event in Exeter, New Hampshire, when a woman shouted out that illegal immigrants are the backbone of the United States, he shot back, “I don’t think so, darling.”

Fox 25 Boston Politics editor Sharman Sacchetti tweeted:

Trump Heckler1

Heckler’s aside, it was a huge crowd again with cars lining up out of town to get to the event. The latest poll I saw this morning had Trump at 31, Cruz at 22 and Rubio at 19. But they are shifting all over the place. The backbone exchange was preceded by a woman who said she was from California who also objected to Trump’s position on illegal immigration. “I know the role that they have in the California and national economy because they do work that no one else wants to do and for a lot less.” “Who told you to be here? Bernie?” he asked, referring to independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who refers to himself as a Democratic socialist. Probably. She’s obviously a plant and was booed accordingly. Trump will be the man to beat in New Hampshire. I guess we will see come next Tuesday.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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