HILARIOUS: Watch What Happens When Ted Cruz Gets A Call From ‘The Donald’

HILARIOUS: Watch What Happens When Ted Cruz Gets A Call From ‘The Donald’

Donald Trump may be a serious candidate, but his demeanor has always and will always be fodder for jokes. Part entertainer and part political candidate, Trump knows how to work an audience and others know how to use Trump for laughs. A recent segment on The Tonight Show included a skit where the real Ted Cruz received a call and unsolicited advice from Jimmy Fallon imitating Donald Trump and it’s pretty darn hilarious! Check it out.


From Louder with Crowder:

We have obtained video of Ted Cruz having a phone conversation with Donald Trump. Well, by “Donald Trump” we mean Jimmy Fallon pretending that he’s Donald Trump… They talked about Colorado, immigration, ObamaCare, a Hillary Clinton.

Cruz clearly seemed very disinterested in all the advice Trump was giving him. Trump confronted him on supposedly stealing Colorado. Cruz patiently explained the system, and Trump suggested that maybe “the people were so high they completely forgot” to vote. Cruz also told ‘Trump’ that he was watching his favorite movie Princess Bride, that he mentioned during a CNN family town hall this week, for the ‘843rd time’.

At the start of the sketch, ‘Trump’ calls Cruz in order to discuss Thursday night’s Democratic Debate in Brooklyn, and attack the performance of Hillary Clinton.

Fallon, reviving the Trump impression that he once did alongside The Donald, accuses Clinton of ‘going back and forth’ on key issues, comparing it to her trying to use a Metrocard on the subway.

This is my favorite part…

‘Trump’ replies: ‘Oh I’m the bigger man with the bigger hands, and the bigger….You can’t see me but I am pointing at my Trump Tower.’

‘I’m really glad not to be on FaceTime right now,’ Cruz responds.

I suppose we’re in the part of the election where the personal side of the candidates are coming out. Even though Cruz is still Ted Cruz here, it’s good to see him loosen up just a tad.

I’ll admit that there are few people who annoy me as much as Jimmy Fallon. His delivery is awful and his self-snickering at his own jokes is too much to bear.

However, this segment was pretty darn funny and Fallon did a good job with The Donald’s mannerisms, in my opinion.

Still, let’s not forget that Fallon is hosting the same show hosted by Johnny Carson for decades and Jay Leno thereafter. And let’s be frank: Fallon is no Leno and certainly no Carson.

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